Kelly Clarkson To Pay $200K Per Month Spousal/Child Support Settlement

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock were married for 7 years, and they share two children together. Like most married couples, they never imagined they would wind up along the path of divorce, and having to divide their belongings and assets, nor did they perceive themselves to ever have to argue about money. However, after their marriage began to dissolve, the issue of spousal support and child support rose to the surface, in a different way than fans may think. Typically in a divorce, the male counterpart is on the hook for spousal and child support payments to the ex-wife. However in this instance, Clarkson was the clear breadwinner and the tables have turned. TMZ reports that she has just been smacked with a $200,000 a month settlement to cover Brandon’s spousal and child support payments.

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As far as divorce settlements go, there’s a lot at stake, and everything has to be accounted for. This can lead to a very elongated process, and sometimes, temporary solutions are put in place to get things moving along in the moment until the entire process settles in court. That is precisely what has happened in the case of Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock.

A judge has ruled that Clarkson is ordered to pay $150k in spousal support and $45,601 in child support to Brandon, at least for the short term. Shockingly that’s a reduced rate compared to the $436,000 that Brandon had requested from her.

It seems Brandon is going to get a lumpsum payout as well. The judge has also demanded that Clarkson pay a one-time flat fee of $1.25 million to cover the legal fees that have accumulated on Brandon’s end of things.

This arrangement will remain in place until the prenup is evaluated. At this time, the validity and the terms of the prenup are being scrutinized by both parties, forcing this temporary arrangement to tide both Kelly and Brandon over for the time-being.

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Interestingly, it has been revealed that Kelly was awarded primary custody of her children, yet she is still required to dish out $45, 601 each month to Brandon, for the expenses incurred by him during the times that the kids are in his care.

That’s an astronomical amount of money, and it seems Clarkson is holding on to hope that the prenup will be enforced soon, relieving her of these massive financial obligations.

Throughout this experience, Kelly Clarkson has pursued her career and is actively involved in her work. Brandon, on the other hand, has abandoned the entertainment industry and is now making a huge life change. He had decided to pursue life as a rancher, and is slowing down the pace of his lifestyle.

Sources: TMZ, St.Louis Post Dispatch

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