Krya Sedgwick On Hating Her First Engagement Ring From Kevin Bacon

Kyra Sedgwick and husband Kevin Bacon are celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary with a humorous story and reminiscing about the day they met.

Bacon recently appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and shared a memory about the couple’s engagement. He said he knew he wanted to purpose but didn’t tell friends or family, making his engagement ring decision on his own.

Popping The Question, Hating The Ring

On Christmas Eve, he dropped the ring in a stocking and Sedgwick said ‘yes’ and they married in 1988, but there was a little hiccup prior to the big day.

“Not a big jewelry guy”, Bacon claimed he picked out a “banging” engagement ring and was proud of his purchase.

Three months later he found soon-to-be wife crying late one night and she finally admitted “I don’t like the ring!”

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According to Bacon, Sedgwick “felt terrible” but he told her it was fine, they could go back to select the perfect one, and the rest is history.

Though Bacon didn’t describe the original ring he chose, the new ring, according to People, is a floral shaped diamond set surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds on a thin band.

Since The ’80s

One of Hollywood’s favorite couples took to Instagram last fall, posting throwback photos of the pair in the late 80’s. Many commented on their 80’s fashion as well as their long-lasting relationship.

The couple met on the PBS television version of Lanford Wilson’s play, Lemon Sky and later had two children together, Travis, 31 and Sosie, 29.

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According to Hello!, Sedgwick recently spoke about her young marriage to Bacon and called the two “lucky”.

“Honestly, we just got lucky, there’s no secret, we just go so lucky when we were so young,” she said.

At 21 and 23, Sedgwick said if someone had told her she’d be married with two children at such a young age, she wouldn’t have believed them due to her natural ambitious and independent personality.

“And then suddenly I met this person, and it was like well this was it. And I was so young and dumb and I can’t believe I was smart enough to do that,” she added.

While she believes there’s no secret to their success, fans may read more into the couple’s relationship than they do. Sedgwick said they rarely argue and they never “hit below the belt”. They may have occasional disagreements but neither want to fight for long.

Bacon told People in 2017 after watching videos from the early 90’s and seeing his own bad jokes and silly puns, the fact that his wife has stayed so long is nothing short of heroic.

Fame, Love, and Two Goats

For their 32nd wedding anniversary, Bacon gifted Sedgwick two goats, Macon and Louie, that live on their Connecticut farm. Both Macon and Louie have become stars in their own right with regular social media posts ever since.

Although “The Closer” star has an estimated net worth of $45 million with her famous husband. Sedgwick inherited $16 million from her venture capitalist father, Henry Dwight Sedgwick V. The pair were also one of the high-profile couples to lose an estimated $30-$40 million in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme in 2008.

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She’s gone on to earn and add to her own fortune through movies like The Game Plan, Phenomenon, Born on the Fourth of July and others.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress has earned a Golden Globe for Best Leading Actress in 2007 and Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in 2010. She also won two Satellite Awards for Best Actress in 2005 and 2006 and took home a People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Drama Diva in 2009.

Sedgwick has been successful on the small screen as well with television shows like “The Closer”, where she was earning $350,000 per episode when the final show aired in 2012.

She’s now appearing in a new ABC sitcom, “Call Your Mother” as she plays an empty nester who visits her son and dives into the family dynamics and complicated lives of her children in a new city.

While her role in “Call Your Mother” includes overbearing, helicopter-type parenting, Sedgwick insists she’s nothing like that in real life.

According to New York Post, Sedgwick said she spends a lot of time waiting for her children to ask for her opinion or advice.

“I wait for the question, rather than say, ‘I think you should do this or let me make that doctors appointment for you’,” the 55-year-old actress said.

Sedgwick is known for serious drama roles and is excited to try a comedy series, especially during 2021 when she says, laughter is important now, more than ever. She’s pairing up with long-time friend and writer, Kari Lizer to flex new muscles in the genre while also addressing some pretty heavy topics.

The actress recently took part in a Q&A series with fans on Twitter for a “Call Your Mother” promotion and answered a variety of questions about her parenting style, her marriage to Bacon and her relationship with her mother.

She remains grateful for her mom every day, even though, like most moms, she can drive her crazy.

Though the engagement started off on the wrong foot, it’s fair to say the power-house couple has done well for themselves and continue to push boundaries and inspire others with their long-lasting love.

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