Lenny Kravitz is ready to strip and star in Magic Mike 3

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Lenny Kravitz keeps living up to his hot rock star daddy reputation.

What started as a joke from the 57-year-old “Let Love Rule” singer — he revealed he’s “been ready” to audition for “Magic Mike 3” — now has fans campaigning for him to seriously consider stripping down for a third installment in the popular exotic dancer film franchise

Kravitz posted a shirtless snap on Instagram Thursday captioned, “Wednesday. 2:55pm. Building a deck.” His 3.8 million followers promptly got caught trapped in the thirst.

“Those ABS,” commented interior designer Kelly Wearstler, 53.

Supermodel and new mommy Naomi Campbell, 51, also chimed in with, “Lord have mercy brother” and few fire emojis.

But it was his daughter, actress Zoë Kravitz, whose comment caught everyone’s attention, including “Magic Mike” star-producer Channing Tatum.

“You auditioning for MM3?” the 32-year-old “Big Little Lies” star wrote under her dad’s steamy post.

“I’ve been ready!” her pops popped back in the comments.


Tatum, the 41-year-old mastermind of the “Magic Mike” movies, was quick to turn the joke into a potential reality, writing, “Will be calling you shortly to get into your schedule my friend.”

Kravtiz replied: “Peace my man.”

Naturally, fans were in a frenzy over his abs and the potential to see more of them on the big screen after the two actors joked about casting Kravitz in the next installment of “Magic Mike.”

“I don’t care what you’re fixing mine just broke,” commented one user.

“Marry me Lenny,” wrote another.

But this comment section get together isn’t a coincidence — Zöe and Tatum and far from strangers. The two actors are working on a new thriller titled “Pussy Island,” which is Zoe’s directorial debut and has yet to have a release date.

Earlier this year, the two got into a playful spat over Tatum’s shoe choice of crocs. Zoe couldn’t have her leading actor sporting the rubber clogs, claiming she was “just trying to be a good friend.”

“I get it, but I totally loved Crocs for a hot second, and in one hang she was like, you can’t ever do that again,” Tatum told Deadline. “And I said, ‘OK, fine.’”

Between Zöe’s persuasion and Tatum’s “Magic Mike” pull, this duo pairing up in Kravitz’s comments could turn the singer’s one-time thirst trap into a big screen reality.

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