Lori Harvey Shares Her Relationship Red Flags And How Almost Marrying Young Inspired The Way She Dates Now

Lori Harvey knows what she wants — and what she doesn’t when it comes to love.

The 25-year-old model sat down with good friend Teyana Taylor for the singer’s series with dating app Bumble called Luv2SeeIt to talk about the search for love and how almost being a wife at a young age helped her realize she needed to get out there, have experiences, and date on her own terms.

During the conversation, the two talked about green flags and red flags. What she loves versus what she can’t deal with.

“Green I would say just like transparency and openness, communication. Not trying to beat around the bush or act like you want something that you maybe really don’t,” she shared. “Like really you’ve got 20 other people you’re entertaining. Just be open and honest about what it is and what you’re doing. I feel like that gives you a conscious opportunity about what you want to do.”

While transparency is a draw for her, unnecessary closeness between a man and his ex repels the star.

“If you’re too close to your exes, it’s a red flag,” she said. “Cordial? Ok you speak. I don’t want y’all to have beef because that gets messy.”

But when it comes to genuine connections and friendship between the former flames, it’s a no.

“It’s not adding up for me. Also too, on the flip, how would you feel? Are you cool if I’m still cool with my exes? You’d feel some type of way.”

I’m sure plenty can relate.

Harvey’s dating life though is definitely one of a kind though. She’s had romantic connections with some of the most high-profile men in music and entertainment, and walked away from them all when she felt things ran there course — and not a minute later. It’s brought about some criticism from some, but received plenty of respect from others. She shared that she became inspired to date in the way she does after her short-lived engagement to former fiancé Memphis Depay when she was just 20.

“I almost got married very young so I think after that it made me be like, I felt like I hadn’t really experienced anything,” she said. “I didn’t really know myself. I didn’t really know what I liked, what I didn’t like. I feel like I hadn’t really experienced life. So I think at that point then I was like, ok, I’m about to date on my terms. However I want to move, whatever I want to do, I’m going to do it. And if it’s no longer serving me, I’m going to move on.”

She most recently walked away from her relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan, with their split making news in June. The two dated for more than a year, and according to a source close to Harvey, she wanted to focus on her burgeoning career, including her SKN by LH brand and realized she and Jordan weren’t on the same page.

“She still wants to have fun and be free,” the individual said. “Michael is a great guy. She is sad that their relationship didn’t work out, but she is moving on.”

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