Love Islands sex code sees girls use beautician metaphors while boys chat science

Starring on Love Island but don't want mum and dad watching back home to know exactly what you've been up to?

This year’s singletons have the solution, and have been keeping viewers amused as they try and stay coy about their romantic activities – while also sharing the full story.

As with each year of the ITV dating show, there are plenty ofcode words used by the Islandersto describe the happenings in the villa.

In a sequence on Wednesday night's episode, the girls' use the word "beauty salon" to describe the saucy events happening between couples after hours.

On Wednesday's episode, the ladies huddled together during breakfast to discuss the antics of the night before and to discover whether anyone got up to any mischief.

Ekin-Su, 26, asks the girls on the terrace: "Anything happened in the beauty salon last night, ladies?"

To whichPaige , 24, replies: "No, mine's not up and running yet. It's still going through planning at the minute."

Referring to the two new arrivals,JayandRemi , she added: "We've got new contractors coming in at the minute, so we're just sussing them out before we start getting down and dirty with the work. You know what I mean?"

On the other side of the house, as the boys group around the sofas to also catch up on the late-night shenanigans, microbiologistDami , 26, went for a science metaphor as he asked his fellow Islanders if they had "used their pipette".

He says: "Anyone used their pips last night? You guys know what pipettes are, right?"

To which, the boys in unison mumbled: "Yeah, yeah."

Followed byLuca , 23, who replies: "My pipette is full to the f*****g brim and if anything touches it, my pipette will explode."

But the sex code appears to have backfired as viewers couldn't help but cringe, with one fan tweeting: "Pipette. Really. Pipette [sick face] #loveisland".

Another said: "I will never look at a pipette the same again #LoveIsland".

Other viewers were left chuckling at the fact senior microbiologist Dami needed to explain to the other boys what a pipette was.

"Lol at Dami mentioning pipettes then thinking maybe not everyone passed their science GSCE and going 'does everyone know what a pipette is' #LoveIsland," said one fan, before another tweeted: "you know what a pipette is right??” these boys acting like they’ve created an impossible to decipher zodiac killer level code for their d***s #loveisland"

Another user mocked the fact Gemma's dad would be watching Luca, saying: "Michael Owen watching Luca talk about his full pipette whilst he’s coupled up with his daughter #LoveIsland".

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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