Macaulay Culkin mocks ‘Home Alone’ reboot with slob photo

What a filthy animal.

Days after Disney announced it’s rebooting its classic ’90s “Home Alone” franchise, original star Macaulay Culkin trolled the company.

“This is what an updated ‘Home Alone’ would actually look like,” the 38-year-old tweeted with a photo of him sitting on a couch in his boxers, a Nintendo 64 controller at his feet, a laptop and mouse on his lap, eating leftovers. The viral image, posted Thursday, has already racked up over 487,000 likes. “Hey @Disney, call me!” Culkin responded to his own tweet, to the tune of nearly 50,000 likes.

While implying that Disney hasn’t yet gotten in touch with him about the new “Home Alone,” Culkin was spotted on LA’s Wilshire Boulevard filming a festive Christmas scene last month — spurring some social media conspiracy theorists to predict it’s for the reboot.

In the 29 Christmases since the original film hit theaters, the former child star has proven himself a leading troll in Hollywood.

Culkin’s entertaining antics over the years have included soliciting J.K. Rowling for a job, forming a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band called the Pizza Underground, live-tweeting the Oscars, creating a parody news website featuring pieces on tie-dyeing buttholes and a lot of wrestling content, and reprising his “Home Alone” role — as an adult Kevin McAllister — for a Google ad.

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