‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Aaron Carter’s Mom Gets Schooled For Abandoning Him During Dog Drill

Aaron Carter gets chased by an attack dog on ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ He was actually trading places with his mom, and the hosts were not pleased to see that Jane was ‘relieved’ to sit out the dog drill.

Would you be happy to see your child come face-to-face with a trained attack dog? The answer is probably no, which is why hosts Dr. Ish and Dr. Venus are concerned after Aaron Carter’s mom, Jane, happily lets her son take her place for the dog drill in the Dec. 6 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. In an EXCLUSIVE sneak-peek clip that HollywoodLife obtained, the hosts originally pick Jane to wear a dog-proof suit and run away from the attack dog. At the last minute, they change their minds and tell Aaron to suit up — which is good news to his mom, who can be heard breathing a sigh of relief. “As soon as the suit came off, your emotional demeanor completely changed,” Dr. Venus notes as the group reviews footage from the drill afterwards.

Aaron’s mom is upfront, simply saying she’s “relieved” — and laughs! That leads Dr. Ish to ask, “Our question was, when does a concern for Aaron kick back in?” Jane tries to explain that she has confidence in her 31-year-old son, telling the skeptical hosts, “I believed in him.” But Dr. Venus isn’t satisfied with that answer, who points out, “There was an attack dog behind him. Do you know how many things could have gone wrong in that situation?” Aaron suggests the dog could have eaten his face, making his mom go on the defense — “Yeah and if it would have done that, I would’ve been right in there,” she promises.

Dr. Venus sees the situation differently, saying that she witnessed a “parentified” child — AKA, “a child who’s had to take care of himself.” She then gives advice to the mom-son duo going forward, which you can learn by watching the rest of the clip above! This isn’t the first time Jane’s parenting skills have been called into question on Marriage Boot Camp. In the Nov. 22 episode of the reality television show, Aaron recalled a traumatic childhood incident in which a man picked him up by the throat and threw him outside, and claimed that his mom was on the stairs “observing.” He added, “As a son, it tells me that my mom just neglected me.”

However, the show has forced Aaron and his mom to work through the ghosts of their once-strained relationship. Jane even assumed the role of caretaker after Aaron was mysteriously hospitalized in Florida on Nov. 14! At the time, Aaron happily announced on Instagram, “Mommas [sic] gonna take care of me.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition airs on Fridays on WeTV at 9 p.m. ET.

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