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MARTIN Lewis' money expert team have urged customers to make a clever switch that could save them hundreds of pounds a year. 

With the cost of living soaring and an anticipated rise in energy bills, many hard-up households will be looking to cut back on outgoings.

The money saving guru warned this week that people need to prepare for a “financial time-bomb”. 

But finding the best deal for your mobile phone could help you save money for difficult times ahead.  

MSE’s weekly newsletter said that there are thought to be nine million people out of contract on mobile phones, and the majority of them are overpaying – some by hundreds of pounds a year. 

This is despite the fact that cheap sim deals are available.

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Experts have previously warned anyone with unlimited data as part of their mobile phone deal is likely to be overpaying. 

Here’s a number of things you can do to make sure you are paying the right amount for your phone. 

Check if your contract has finished

If you are on a mobile phone contract, make sure you know what the length of the contract was when you signed up. 

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If you're out of contract, you're likely to be paying more than you need to as you've paid of the handset but your still paying the same price.

Contracts usually roll over so unless you make a change you'll be paying the same monthly cost.

You should get a text from your network when your contract is due to end – but you won't be switched to a different tariff automatically.

MSE said that there are nine million people out of contract on mobile phones. 

So you’ll want to make sure you aren’t one of them – especially if you have a high phone bill. 

It could save you hundreds of pounds according to the money saving guru. 

Consider switching sim

If you are out of contract and you don’t use lots of data, you should think about switching sim.  

MSE has a sim deal comparison tool, which could help you find a good deal. 

Finding a cheaper deal doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to be more careful with your usage for calls and texts. 

For example, Smarty offer deal where you get unlimited texts and calls, as well as 4GB of data for £4 a month. 

To get this deal you have to auto renew each month but it's a rolling one-month contract, so you can cancel at any point. 

If you need lots of data you can still get cheap deals. 

MSE spotted that Three has a 100GB per month deal for £10.84 a month. 

It's normally £15 a month, but you get a £50 automatic cash back within 3 months. With that, it's equivalent to £10.84 a month over the year's contract.

How to slash the price of buying a new mobile phone

Many people go onto phone contracts because they want the new handset that comes with the deal. 

But paying upfront for your handset rather than having it as part of your monthly bundle will save you some cash.

When you buy a phone through a pay monthly contract, you're charged interest on the price of device.

So, if you can, always try and pay for the phone upfront and then get onto a cheap sim deal. 

You could also consider buying a refurbished phone that has had a previous owner. 

These phones are checked over and repaired (if necessary) by a network or retailer before being sold on.

It could be that the previous owner has sold it back to the retailer as they've had second thoughts or want to upgrade.

These devices must be of a certain standard, so it's a less risky way to buy a second-hand phone than buying one directly from another person.

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