McDonalds is launching halloumi fries on menu, but other favourites will be cut

Fast food chain McDonald’s are kicking off the summer with some new additions to their menu – including cheesy favourite, halloumi fries.

And you don’t have to wait long for the crispy dairy goodness to make an appearance as the summer menu is being rolled out across two waves in June and July.

The fast food giant is treating fans to four special burgers, a brand spanking new McFlurry flavour – and some other exciting munch

Launching on Wednesday 8 June, the Taste of Italy summer menu will be available to UK fans to tuck into.

For the Italian themed menu, two new burgers will be introduced ; the Crispy Chicken Italiano and the Italian Stack.

The Crispy Chicken Italiano consists of a crispy chicken fillet on nested in a ciabatta style bun along with basil pesto sauce, tomato, red onion, lettuce and mozzarella.

And for the Italian Stack, two beef patties, crispy onions, tomato sauce, lettuce, toasted tomato, cheesy sauce, mozzarella all in a herb bun.

The Italian menu will also feature the popular mozzarella dippers to go alongside the delicious sounding new burgers.

To cool down in the hopefully sizzling hot summer months, you can also feast on a tiramisu-flavoured McFlurry.

But, the excitement does not stop there.

On Wednesday 27 July, McDonald’s are launching their second wave to the UK summer menu – Taste of Spain and Cyprus.

The menu includes another two burgers; the Spicy Spanish Stack and the Chicken Fiesta.

Including two beef patties nestled between a paprika bun, the Spicy Spanish Stack contains a spicy tomato sauce, red onion, lettuce and chilli cheddar.

And if that does not get your mouth watering already, then the Chicken Fiesta includes a crispy chicken fillet with chorizo, chilli cheddar, spicy tomato sauce, lettuce and red onion.

To go alongside the scrumptious burgers, you can purchase some halloumi fries which are served with a rich tomato sauce enough to coat the four lightly battered sticks.

If that isn’t impressive, then McDonald’s are introducing a new Spanish Fruit Punch soft drink to wash it all down with.

However, some fans may be a little disappointed as some products will be facing the cut to make room for the new additions.

From Wednesday 8 June, the Grand Big Mac, the McSpicy chicken burger and the Flake McFlurry will no longer be available for purchase.

Let us know in the comments what your thoughts about the new menu are – and will you miss the items facing the cut?

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