Meghan Markle makes rare gesture in front of paps, expert claims

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Meghan Markle was photographed by American paparazzi last week when she stepped out on International Women’s Day in LA after lunch with her Archewell team, who had joined her in visiting a non-profit organisation where they had created a pop-up baby boutique. Body language expert, Jesús Enrique Rosas, aka the Body Language Guy and host of Royal Rogue on YouTube, analysed images and video footage of Meghan and noticed several hand gestures, one of which he claims she did “on purpose” for the cameras.

“I noticed a couple of things,” Jesús said looking at the images. “Not only that she had her wrists very loose, she was not tense at all.”

He referenced several images from different angles that all showed Meghan’s left wrist which was “quite limp”. Her right hand was down by her side holding her Chanel bag.

Jesús also noticed how Meghan’s left forearm was in a lot of the images and suggested she was “trying to show her hand a lot”, which stood out against her all-black outfit, in a bid to potentially “flash all the jewellery she was wearing” on her wrist.

Meghan was wearing at least five bracelets on her wrist and potentially Princess Diana’s Cartier Gold Tank Francaise Watch.

Unusually, she only had her wedding band on her fourth finger, her engagement ring was not seen.

Meghan was “not only doing that subtle gesture” of showcasing her wrist, she was also spotted putting her hand inside her trouser pocket.

This is not a gesture “we see Meghan doing often” despite high waisted trousers with pockets being a staple in her wardrobe.

As a body language expert who has analysed hundreds of images and videos of Meghan, Jesús said: “We almost never see that gesture.”

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Another hand gesture Meghan made in front of the cameras was putting her left hand flat against her chest.

Jesús said “the symbol of the hand on the chest can mean so many things,” and mentioned it is a symbol to “project empathy, love, connection, defence, compassion”.

“You can even look a bit bashful with that gesture,” the expert suggested, but reiterated Meghan was quite possibly using the gesture to “bring attention to her wrists and hands”.

Nevertheless, Meghan placing her hand on her chest is “not a gesture she has used often”.

Jesús did mention the Invictus Games last April when she walked out wearing a white Valentino suit and was photographed placing her hand on her chest after waving to crowds.

He also pulled up an image of Meghan from Charles’s 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace, two days after her wedding to Prince Harry, where she was spotted placing her left hand on her chest.

Jesús said “Meghan has done the ‘hand on mouth’ more frequently” than a hand on chest gesture, but when out in LA and in front of the paparazzi, he claimed she “repeated” the hand on chest gesture “on purpose” to “project” this feeling of being “heartfelt” and “humbled”.

The expert suggested Meghan’s gesture was a way for her to “connect with her audience and the public”.

In terms of any other body language clues, Jesús claimed Meghan’s smile was “not that genuine” noting “other genuine and more spontaneous smiles” Meghan has displayed “throughout the years”.

Jesús also commented on Meghan’s choice of outfit, suggesting colours like “red and black mean business”.

In his opinion, Meghan’s body language overall was projecting a message of “‘I’m confident, I feel relaxed’” stepping out in public.

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