‘Men hate it when I shave my body hair – but I make more money’

An OnlyFans creator who made a name for herself online for not shaving has done something her fans begged her not to.

And that’s shave her nether regions.

Fenella Fox, 29 from Worcester, England, is so successful on the subscription-based platform that she is on track to earn £1million.

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She previously blew up on the site once she stopped shaving – making £6,200 a month instead of her usual £780.

Now that’s all changed, as in the last 30 days she’s made £19,000 after making the decision to shave everything but her armpits.

“March this year I shaved – I probably hadn’t shaved it completely like that since early on in my career when I was a cam girl on myfreecams,” she told Daily Star.

“I think a lot of my followers were curious, it’s something most of them have never seen before! My p***y shaved was a big deal.”

Fenella eventually made the decision to shave her vagina because her preferences changed.

That week, her income increased to £7,000 that week alone – the most she’s earned in such a short period of time.

While she financially benefitted, her fans weren’t happy.

“I got a lot of hate! I lost OnlyFans subscribers and had many men tell me never to shave, that they don’t like it shaved and they left disappointed comments,” she explained.

“They like me to have long armpit hair and long pubic hair but one silly thing I’ve noticed is they don’t like leg hair much… Bizarre right?

“But I also got a lot of interest from people that were wondering what was behind the bush this whole time! I had my highest earning week ever.”

Even though Fenella said her followers don’t like leg hair very much, this isn’t true with all of her fans.

She’s had some men with leg hair fetishes wanting videos of her massaging her legs with oil but it’s very rare.

Fenella added: “It frustrates me how picky men are when it comes to body hair on women.”

Fenella originally started growing out her body hair when she was 19 after realising she had never seen her natural body.

I had been removing my hair since the moment it started to grow as there was pressure to remove it sadly even as a child.

Then her career took off when she started to post photos and videos online showing off her armpit hair.

“I didn't realise at the time that there is a huge amount of men that are sexually attracted to women with armpit hair,” she explained.

“I also felt the bush made my p***y more special and mysterious so I grew it out and never shaved it off.”


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