Miss BumBum champ earns £7m on OnlyFans – and now her husband is joining her

A Playboy model and winner of the Miss BumBum competition has revealed that she and her husband have sex five times a day since they joined OnlyFans.

Suzy Cortez, 31, from Brazil, joined the platform in 2017 and has made a whopping £7million selling sexy videos and access to her photos.

But now her husband Rafael Muniz, also 31, is getting involved and has signed up to the website.

OnlyFans allows subscribers to pay a creator a monthly amount to see their x-rated content – and they can pay extra for special requests.

Suzy and Rafael married two years ago and claim that teaming up on OnlyFans has spiced up their sex life.

Rafael already has 46,000 Instagram followers, @raffaomunz, which meant he quickly gained popularity on OnlyFans and will likely be raking in the cash alongside his wife.

And, Suzy, claims he’s a perfect lover.

She commented: "He is affectionate, careful with me, he respects me a lot, he is everything I've always dreamed of.

"And now working together is really good, as we're getting closer and closer to each other.

"Before I met my husband, I didn't know what sex was.

"We learned together and my sex life is much more active and more pleasurable.

"We have intercourse at least five times a day."

And, the couple want to earn the title of best fitness couple on OnlyFans as they both love working out and weight lifting.

Suzy said: "We are producing some really cool content and we are very happy with the results and we want to share them soon.

“I took some steamy photos of him myself, I'm excited.

“I'm on a more restrictive diet, without a lot of food and I'm lifting heavier weights.

"Rafael trains with me every day and it's an activity that we like a lot.

"We work out five to six times a week, directed and accompanied by the best Brazilian coach, John Romero, the master of training in Brazil."

Suzy and Rafael recommend starting an OnlyFans as a couple as a way to re-energise your sex life.

She commented: "I highly recommend it, as well as spicing up the relationship, it brings the couple closer and also fortunes of money!"

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