Model was driven to getting £13k worth of fillers due to toxic filters

An Instagram model has explained that she will never use a filter again after claiming the beauty effects caused her to spend £13,000 on fillers to try and replicate the look.

We’ve all enjoyed the effects of a filter when taking pictures before whether it’s because it smooths out your lines, covers up spots or even makes our eyes or lips look bigger.

But, recently people have been opening up about the effects of beauty filters and how they distort our idea of beauty.

Dr Riccardo Frati ofFrati Cosmetic Surgeryspoke to the Daily Star about the rise of “alienating” procedures which “over treat” the face in an attempt to match the extreme beauty standards online.

And, it seems models and influencers are coming to change their minds about face filters too.

Carol Tozaki vented her feelings on social media after taking a break from the internet.

The stunning Brazilian model, who won the Miss Sao Paulo Intercontinental crown, said that she would no longer be using filters– and added that she had reversed some of her procedures.

After logging off of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for a while she changed her mind about wanting to look different.

She explained: "After a detox from social media, I got real and I don't want to use filters anymore, we must extol the beauty that we really are.

“Like me, people need to understand how toxic filters are."

Carol plans to spend the cash she saves on procedures on holidays and investing in her content instead.

After posting the update on Instagram, Carol received backlash from trolls who didn’t agree with her point of view.

Carol said: "They didn't want to believe me, but I've undone a lot of things that I don't think are worth it."

And, she’s not the only big name to be going back natural.

Over the last year, Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague vowed to “reverse” the cosmetic work she had done when she was younger.

She's ditched the fillers in her face and lips, had the composite bonds removed from her teeth and even swapped her long hair extensions for a short bob.

Speaking on herInstagramStories, Molly-Mae explained: "I think I've taken all the steps that I want to take now in reversing all the mistakes I made with the fillers, getting things done that I didn't necessarily need to get done and didn’t think through at the time, about two or three years ago."

What do you prefer – all natural or filler and filters? Tell us in the comments below…

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