Mrs Hinch shares huge shopping list to get homes clean in 2021

Mrs Hinch is one of the most well-known influencers there is, teaching us all the best way to get our houses looking amazing.

From her shiny sink to her happy family, we see what goes on in the life of the Hinchliffes on Instagram.

If you want to emulate her cleaning prowess, most of Mrs Hinch’s hacks are fairly simple. However, you will need an arsenal of cleaning products.

Sophie Hincliffe herself calls her cleaning cupboard her Narnia, and it’s full to the brim the the hardest-working and nicest-smelling bits you can buy.

She revealed to the Mirror her hero products this week, which we’ll go through room by room.

Mrs Hinch’s top kitchen products

  • Soda crystals
  • White vinegar
  • Zoflora (in scent of choice)
  • Pink Stuff cream cleaner
  • Stardrops 4-in-4 disinfectant spray
  • Minky M Cloth Antibacterial Cleaning pad
  • Cif Stainless Steel spray
  • Vileda Spray mop
  • Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket (for deeper floor cleaning)
  • Spontex Microfibre Kitchen cloths
  • Spontex Extra Thick Moppets
  • Cif Power and Shine wipes
  • Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Minky M Cloth Glass and Window

Pink Stuff is used on the sink, followed by a spray of disinfectant. Soda crystals, vinegar, and a capful of neat Zoflora go down the sink, followed by some boiling water around five minutes later. Everything is wiped down with a Minky pad (known as Minkeh to Hinchers).

For a final flourish, the sink is sprayed with Cif Stainless Steel cleaner and the Spontex Microfibre cloth (known as Buddy)

The Shark handheld vacuum is used to get rid of crumbs from worktops, before diluted Zoflora is sprayed on and wiped with Spontex Extra Thick Moppets (Pinkeh).

The halogen hob gets a once-over with white vinegar and a Minkeh, before being shined with the M Cloth for glass (Kermit – yes they all have names).

Floors are then mopped with a different tool depending on the level of clean needed, and disinfectant wipes used on light switches and other touch points.

Mrs Hinch’s oven deep cleaning products

  • Fairy Power Spray
  • Fairy washing-up liquid
  • Cif Power and Shine
  • Pink Stuff paste
  • Minky M Cloth Antibacterial pads
  • White vinegar

To get your oven sparkling, put your racks in the bath to soak in warm water and washing-up liquid.

Meanwhile, spray Fairy Power Spray onto the bottoms of your pans and leave to do its magic.

Use Pink Stuff, Minkeh, and warm water to scrub down the inside of the oven, before draining the bath and adding some pink stuff to your soaked racks.

Wipe everything clean and rinse with warm water (scrub with the other side of your cleaning pad if necessary) and clean glass with white vinegar.

Mrs Hinch’s bathroom must-haves

  • Tumble dryer sheets
  • Cif Stainless Steel spray
  • Minky M Cloth Glass and Window
  • Pledge fluffy duster starter kit
  • Flash Bathroom spray
  • Harpic Pine toilet cleaner
  • Cif Power and Shine wipes
  • Flash Bathroom liquid cleaner
  • Viakal limescale spray
  • Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster
  • Minky M Cloth Antibacterial pads
  • Zoflora (scent of choice)
  • Bloo Foam Aroma Fragranced Toilet Powder

Use tumble dryer sheets and the Pledge duster (known as Dave) to pick up dust, remembering to use the sheet on your towel rail/radiator.

Spritz the towel rail and other metal surfaces with Cif Stainless Steel and buff up with your Buddy cloth, before wiping down the rest of your surfaces with Flash spray.

Next, focus on your toilet, using Harpic to get round the rim and bowl and Cif wipes to go over the seat and sides.

Spray your bath taps and shower with Viakal and leave for five minutes while you put Flash liquid in the bath, wipe with your Minkeh and rinse.

Astonish Mould spray goes on the shower screen, and both this and the Viakal are rinsed off this warm water.

Go over everything with your Kermit cloth to make it shiny, and add a capful of Zoflora to your toilet brush holder and one in the bath. Bloo Foam Aroma powder can be put in the toilet to finish off.

Living Room

  • Pledge fluffy duster starter kit
  • Mr Sheen Multi Surface polish
  • Yellow duster cloths
  • Dettol All In One spray 
  • 1001 Carpet Fresh Thai Orchid Pet
  • Elbow Grease Degreaser spray
  • Minky M Cloth Glass and Window
  • Febreze spray
  • Tumble dryer sheets

Use your Dave duster to pick up dust, before spraying with Mr Sheen polish and wiping with a standard yellow cloth.

After vacuuming, spray your carpets with 1001 and soft furnishings with Febreze or Dettol All In One.

Leather wipes are great for keeping leather furniture shining, while Elbow Grease spray and a Kermit cloth are ideal for shiny surfaces and removing finger marks.

Put a dryer sheet into the cover of each of your cushion covers, and disinfect doorhandles and other touch points with Dettol.

Mrs Hinch’s bedroom cleaning top products

  • Dettol All In One Spray
  • Tumble dryer sheets
  • Pledge fluffy duster starter kit
  • Astonish Window and Glass cleaner
  • Minky M Cloth Glass and Window
  • Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish

Once you’re up, make your beds and give them a spray with Dettol. Dust your bed and side tables with your Dave and some Mr Sheen, and give blinds a once-over with a dryer sheet to pick up any clinging-on debris.

Kermit and Astonish glass cleaner can be used on any shiny surfaces and windows, and more Mr Sheen can be used to dust skirting boards.

To finish up, put a dryer sheet inside the cover of any cushions (not pillows).

Mrs Hinch’s laundry must-haves

  • Lenor Spring Awakening fabric softener
  • Ariel gel
  • Ace stain remover and colour brightener
  • Lenor Unstoppables
  • Astonish Oxy Active Plus (one scoop in every wash)

Mrs Hinch’s hall and stairs top products

  • 1001 Carpet Fresh Thai Orchid Pet
  • Minky M Cloth Antibacterial pads
  • Lenor Spring Awakening fabric softener
  • Pledge fluffy duster starter kit

Use your Dave to remove any dust on skirting boards, banisters, and other surfaces.

Then, put a capful of fabric softer into a bowl of warm water. Dip your Minkeh into the mixture and wipe your skirting boards. This will make the area smell lovely and repel dust.

After vacuuming – Mrs Hinch uses a Shark – spray your 1001 on your carpet.

Miscellaneous Mrs Hinch faves

These products are used by Mrs Hinch on ad-hoc basis, whenever you have an extra stain or want to do a super deep clean.

  • Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover
  • Astonish Toilet Bowl Power Clean tabs
  • Steam microwave cleaner
  • Cif Cream with micro crystals

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