Mum divides internet after breastfeeding baby while driving down motorway

A mum has caused division on the internet after breastfeeding her baby while she drove down the motorway, before uploading the video to social media.

Raquel Reynolds was stuck in traffic near her home in Brisbane, Australia, when her four-month-old baby became hungry.

Cars had been slowly moving along the motorway following a crash involving a tanker when the mum-of-four decided to breastfeed.

She shared the footage to her Instagram page, where she captioned the post: “What would you do?”

In the clip, filmed from a back seat passenger, Raquel said: “Sitting in traffic and the baby’s hungry.

“So dangerous, it’s a bit crazy, what am I supposed to do bubba?"

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Raquel's baby is seen lay on her lap breastfeeding while the woman navigates the traffic using only one hand.

When the traffic begins to move again, the woman carried on feeding her newborn.

The woman's video has divided opinion since posting it to Instagram.

Some mums said they would have done the same thing, while others claimed she should have been more prepared.

One person said: “I would have done the same. Glad you're okay.”

Another wrote: “I would have done the same, what a hard predicament to be in.

"Perhaps express and have a bottle handy just in case you're stuck."

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But others have slammed the mum's actions as dangerous and even, perhaps, illegal.

Senior Police have since told 9News that it is "likely she has committed at least two offences and are considering further investigation".

And Lauren Ritchie from the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland also criticised the footage.

“To not have a child properly restrained is risking their lives – that’s how serious an outcome it is,” she told 9News.

“Even a small crash can injure a child.”

Many mums admitted they would have reacted the same, but in the UK, it is illegal for children under the age of 12 or 135 centimetres tall to travel in cars without a car seat.

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