Mum shares genius hack to get 15 minutes of peace without kids

Parents know the struggle of getting just a few minutes of alone time. 

But a mum on TikTok has shared a brilliant hack that helps her get some time to herself, so she can have a relaxing shower.

Kat Taylor – who regularly shares parenting tricks on the platform – explains her method ensures you get at least 15 minutes of peace.

‘Mums and dads, don’t open this with your kids around. I’ve got a new technique – you can thank me later,’ she says in her video.

‘Tired of having a shower without the kids annoying you? Sick of hiding in a closet when you want to eat that last bag of chips to yourself? Want to go to the toilet in peace? Want to take just one phone call for five minutes without getting asked for something to eat?

‘This is what you do.’


Kat goes on to explain that if you pretend you’ve mopped the floor, you can tell your kids they can’t come in for 15 minutes.

She says you don’t even have to do the housework – just pop a splash of bleach in the sink so the house smells like it’s being cleaned, and prop the mop up on the floor.

Kat then shouts up to her children: ‘Guys, I’ve just mopped the floors, you can’t come out for at least 15 minutes.’

To which they reply: ‘OK.’

Kat’s account is packed full of other creative parenting hacks, tricks and tips as well as honest accounts of her own funny mistakes. 

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