Mum shares photo of lunch box ‘fail’

A woman has taken to social media to share details of an embarrassing email she received from her son’s school over his lunch.

Taking to the popular Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, which boasts more than 1 million members, the mum explained she quickly realised her son had left his lunch at home after spotting it in the fridge.

“(It’s) weird because he said he had it,” she wrote in the post.

“He never empties hes (sic) lunch bag so thought oh god he has took (sic) yesterdays left overs!”

Soon after, the mother-of-three received an email from her son’s school saying “as they went to switch his lunch they found a bag of sausages!”

“He only went and took my raw sausages from the fridge instead of his lunch!”

Posting a picture of the snags which accidentally made their way to school, the mum said she could definitely see the funny side to the mix-up.

“Literally has made my day!” she wrote, adding she “had to share my mum fail”.

“Will be checking from now on,” she said about his lunch.

Her post has clocked more than 5000 ‘likes’ with hundreds of people commenting over the hilarious “fail”.

“Without reading this first I didn’t realise and just thought it was a pair of lungs in a bag,” one woman wrote.

“This made me laugh so much, it’s the sort of thing my daughter would do,” another added.

Others shared similar, embarrassing experiences.

“OMG. I got a message from daughter’s school asking why she had … dog food … in her lunch box. It took my a while to realised what actually happened. Dad packed the lunch in a plastic bag that had some leftover dog treats (and he didn’t notice it),” one woman said.

“I took a carrier bag of rubbish to work one day instead of the one with my lunch in it,” said another, while a third person confessed to accidentally taking a bottle of apple juice, which was actually wine.

The mum was forced to later edit her post after many asked whether her son went hungry after discovering the raw snags.

“When I realised he actually left his lunch at home, I did drop it round for him on my way to work lol, so he definitely didn’t go hungry today.”

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