Mum who was broke and homeless with drug problem transforms into role model

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A woman has lifted the lid on her past after overcoming a drug addiction to become a successful motivational coach.

Natasha Graziano, who lives in Los Angeles, US, has it all, from a happy marriage to a luxury home and jet-setter lifestyle.

She boasts a massive following of 11million followers on her Instagram where she shares her positive energy online.

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But before all that, Natasha struggled with a drug problem which left her broke and homeless.

The now-motivational speaker and mindset coach hit rock bottom emotionally, physically, financially and even spiritually.

Fortunately all that is in the past, as she exclusively revealed her success to Daily Star.

She said: "Once upon a time I was broke, homeless and had a drug problem.

"Feeling worthless and suicidal, I hit rock bottom emotionally, physically financially and spiritually.

"That's when I realised my life had to change, not just for myself, but for my young son too.

"I knew I wanted to be something greater and go on to be a role model for my son and others in the world."

Now Natasha earns millions per year from travelling the world motivating and teacher people to alter their mindsets.

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She added: "As soon as I opened my mind and began thinking positively, my life improved.

"I then went on to create a mindset method that saw me take myself from being in debt to building a multi-million-dollar empire.

"I went from being lonely and without love to marrying my soul mate, and from having an illness to healing myself.

"Using this method, I've helped thousands of people improve their lives, and it is my mission to help humans become happier!"

For anyone in search of love, wealth and a happier life, Natasha has some great advice.

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She said to find love, write a list of 100 things you want in your dream partner, including 10 things to do with their appearance.

Then give yourself a mark out of 10, anything below 8 means you need to work on it, just like Natasha did.

Natasha admitted: "So, I worked on my myself and became the kind, generous person I wanted to attract."

The mum also prides herself on solving more problems for others, which is what success is.

People should also get out of a negative mentality like "I can't afford that" or "I don't have money".

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She concluded: "When we think negatively about money, we create a financial block and money won’t come to us.

"If we want to change our financial reality fast, we must change our inner self beliefs and words.

"To improve life in general, we must understand that we are in control of our own reality.

"Remember everything is temporary, the good and the bad.

"If you find yourself in a dark place, remember it will pass – nothing lasts forever! Train your mind to remain positive!"

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.


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