My alcohol-addicted husband has started drinking again – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER two years of being sober my husband has started drinking again.

We are coming up to 55. He’d tried detox several times over the years and finally gave up alcohol in 2017.

On his birthday last month he went to the pub to celebrate and got drunk.

That started him drinking regularly again to the point of excess and collapsing.

I cannot cope with his behaviour any longer.

He says the reason is that he is depressed but I do not know about what. We have a lovely home and no money worries.

DEIDRE SAYS: Life may be comfortable now but his alcohol problem may have stemmed from him trying to escape inner demons.

Tell him you are heartbroken he has started drinking again but of course you can’t stop drinking for him.

If you can’t bring yourself to leave him, at least accept you are not responsible for his behaviour and try to build some happiness into your own life.

Find support via Al-Anon who help the families of those with an alcohol problem (, 0800 0086 811).

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