My husband accused me of baby trapping even though the babys planned

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A husband is accusing his wife of “baby trapping” him, despite the fact they have been married for seven years and their pregnancy was planned. The distraught 32-year-old woman took to the internet for support after she was shocked by her husband’s sudden behaviour. 

The couple first met as next-door neighbours and “just clicked, it was like a fairytale.” The woman wrote: “One thing I have always thought made our marriage so strong was our friendship with each other and our trust in one another, although now my husband seems to think otherwise.”

The woman, currently four months pregnant, claimed her husband had a massive shock when his friend Geoff told them he had been “baby trapped” by his own girlfriend. This, she explained on the  ‘Am I the A******’ Reddit forum, had a huge impact on her husband.

Geoff comes from a conservative family, and Geoff’s wife recently admitted that she purposely stopped taking the pill to get pregnant so Geoff would feel obligated to marry her. 

According to the original poster, Geoff is sticking by the mother of his child despite the “clearly messed up dynamic.” However, the woman wrote that her husband was “rattled” by Geoff’s situation and has now accused her of trying to baby-trap him, despite the fact they have been married for seven years and the baby was preplanned. 

The woman wrote: “I first laughed because I honestly thought it was a joke. He was dead serious and doubled down.” The pair began to argue and then the husband said the woman’s “intentions were clearly not pure” seeing as she initially laughed at his accusation. 

The couple went to bed but when the woman woke up, her husband was gone and she was not able to get in contact with him for a whole day. She wrote she had also received a “nasty text” from her brother-in-law accusing her of forcing the husband into the pregnancy, but the woman said the idea to get pregnant had been a “joint decision” by the couple.

The woman asked the internet forum for advice but quickly posted an update on the situation after one day. She wrote that after thinking about what happened and her husband still not getting in contact with her, she had started to become angry. 

She wrote: “My husband had insulted me and our marriage in a very hurtful way, and it just didn’t really register for a while. I was so confused and upset that it didn’t occur to me to be angry, but I think everything just needed to sink in.” 

The woman called her best friend, who was “furious” on her behalf and said she would speak about the situation to her husband, who is a family lawyer. The lawyer told the pregnant woman he would “happily” represent her if she was considering a divorce. 

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The next day the woman’s mother-in-law came to the house and “practically dragged” her son along with her, who she was furious with. The woman wrote: “My [mother-in-law] is a smart woman and absolutely tore him a new one before dragging him to the house today to apologise.” 

The woman continued: “My worm of a husband did not look me in the eye the entire time, but said that he was scared about becoming a dad and projected his fears onto me. He said he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that kind of commitment, but he will step up (as if he is some kind of hero).” 

The woman called her husband a coward and did not allow him back into the house. She did, however, show her mother-in-law the text from her husband’s brother and said the mother-in-law’s “face was like a storm cloud” after she read the message. 

The woman posted another update to her tale a few days later, and said she had attended a scan at the doctor’s and her baby was “happy and healthy”.

She discovered she was having a little girl and that her mother-in-law, who had attended the scan as well, was “very excited to be a granny”. After a couple of days, the mother-in-law invited the woman to a family lunch, and the woman said she was “reluctant” to attend as she did not wish to face her husband, but trusted her mother-in-law to have “good intentions.” 

At the “quite awkward” lunch, the woman’s brother-in-law apologised for his vindictive text and said he had been “swept up in the moment”.  The woman’s husband, however, avoided her eyes and did not talk to her. 

It was only when the mother-in-law mentioned she was having a grandaughter that the husband responded. The woman wrote: “His eyes lit up when she said granddaughter. My husband had always wanted a girl and he was suddenly in tears saying that he was so pleased to hear the gender. My husband was suddenly wanting to touch my belly and asked if he could come home and paint the nursery.”

But, the woman has made up her mind to split permanently from her partner and told her husband they were getting a divorce. She wrote: “I point blank told him that I had engaged a lawyer. My husband was kind of frantic but I felt so calm like someone had put a blanket over me in the situation.”

The woman left the lunch and the last she heard from the husband, he was staying in a hotel and has been texting her ever since. The woman wrote: “He even took a crying selfie sitting in his car.” She said that she has assured her mother-in-law that they will always be family, but is ignoring her husband until they go to court. She spent the weekend shopping for baby clothes with her best friend afterward.

The woman’s post ended on a happy note, and she wrote: “I don’t know what will happen next, but I feel much calmer and like I am making the right decision.”

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