My perfect girl and I cuddle in my bed — but she’s with someone else – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE found a girl who is perfect. We have lots of fun and confide in one another, have nights out and sleep cuddled up in my bed. But I’m confused as she’s with someone else.

We first met on a night out back in April last year. We have been friends ever since. When she introduced me to her boyfriend, he seemed like a really nice guy.

We’re both in our early 20s and our friendship got deeper with time but we’ve never got sexual together.

I’ve realised I want to spend all of my time with her, perhaps for the rest of my life. I just don’t want to push it and spoil what we’ve got.

She’s more critical now of her boyfriend and seems less happy with him. So does she spend her time with me just to help her feel better or does she love me back?

DEIDRE SAYS: If you’re going to get closer or even just stay good friends then you need to be able to talk about this. It’s time to be open with her and for her to decide wants she wants.

There’s a risk she might not feel the same. Or maybe she is scared it might not work out, but you need to talk. You can’t spend your lives on the fence.

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