My wife thought I lost weight for her and the kids – but its for other women

A bloke confessed he lost weight to get attention from other women – despite telling his wife he was shedding pounds for her and the kids.

Weight loss is no easy task with many dedicating hours in the gym to work on their body and health.

At 15st a dad decided to change his habits and attempt to slim down to get 'healthier'.

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However, his reasoning behind losing weight may not be so innocent after all.

The anonymous bloke submitted his confession to Twitter page Fesshole where people share their often crafty behaviour.

He revealed: "I used to be 15 stone, now I'm a healthy 11. My wife thinks I did this for her & the kids, and it started like this."

Although, his pure intentions did not last for long.

"But I kept going because of all the new found attention I get from the women at work", he admitted.

"If my wife knew this, she'd be straight on the phone to the Chinese takeaway."

It's safe to say that Twitter users had a mixed bag of opinions on the bloke's confession.

Some felt that it was OK to receive attention whereas others felt like the husband was misleading his family.

One person fretted: "S*** like this puts me off ever getting married cause 90% of married couples f***ing hate each other it’s weird."

Another user added: "Guy gets a friendly compliment from a woman and he automatically thinks she wants him."

While a third voiced: "I see nothing terrible about this as long as he doesn’t use that attention to cheat."

Someone else noted: "Just a harmless buzz hopefully but the work women sound shallow – your wife is not."

Meanwhile, a fifth blasted: "How sad that you deceive and mislead someone you love, every day you have to live this lie this life.

"The wife and kids deserve better."


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