NHS doctor reveals why you should NEVER pull out or wax your nose hairs

MEN can often suddenly spot a forest of unsightly hair poking out of their nose.

For some just one or two nose hairs sprout out, but for others, their nostrils are full of them.

Nose waxing videos are all over TikTok and Instagram, wracking up millions of views as social media users wait for hair to be removed in bulk.

Women do also have nose hairs and may have an urge to pull out the odd rogue one, but are less likely to be waxing in the same numbers as men.

But while they might be unsightly, one doctor has explained why you should never pull out or wax your nose hairs – and why doing this could cause issues with your brain.

Posting on Instagram, Dr Karan Raj, said it's important that you leave those pesky hairs alone.

The NHS doctor explained: "You have two types of nose hairs. You have microscopic cilia, these filter mucus and send it to the back of the throat where it ends up in the stomach.

"And vibrissae, the big ones you want to yank out. These keep out large particles from making it to the back of the nose.

"If you pluck these big boys, germs around the folicle can get inside causing infection."

He added that because of the danger triangle in the brain – doing this could have major repercussions.

Dr Raj added: "That's because the same veins which carry blood out of the nose meet up with the veins that carry blood out of the brain.

"If the germs end up back there in the brain, it can cause inflammation of the brain, sometimes resulting in brain abscesses."

While this can be an incredibly rare side effect – it can cause serious problems for people with weak immune systems.

He added: "So next time, just trim it."

Dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare, Dr Purvisha Patel explained that there is an easy way to do this.

Speaking to Shape, she explained: "Simply use a small pair of cuticle or eyebrow scissors to snip the tips of the hairs that stick out and are visible below your nostrils.

"If you'd like to trim more than a couple of hairs or address ones deeper inside your nostril, electric trimmers can be a good option; they're safe and can be even easier to manoeuvre than scissors", she added.

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