People share best opening lines they've found while on dating apps

That’s what you call good chat! Singletons share the VERY creative pick up lines that have won them over when using dating apps

  • Singletons have been very creative with their pick-up lines on dating apps
  • Remarkably some of these cringe-worthy jokes seemed to have worked 
  • Bored Panda rounded up best examples from across the world in online gallery

Using a cheesy chat up line is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to dating, and is probably not going to impress anyone.

As such, singletons are now having to be more creative with their pick up lines as they try to secure the attention of their matches on dating apps.

A selection of the funniest – and most cringeworthy – opening conversations have now been shared by daters from across the world in a hilarious online gallery, collated by Bored Panda.

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the best examples…

A singleton declared their love for the person they were messaging after just one conversation, when seemingly realising how witty they were 

One woman called this singleton ‘pretty smooth’ after they managed to ask for a date following a conversation about stealing hoodies

Julianne was impressed with this person’s poetic skills, but asked that the style wouldn’t be continued during their date

Madison managed to get her potential suitor to declare their love after exchanging just a few sentences last month

Jen and Ben hit it off after sharing their rhyming skills – with the former even ranking her potential suitor a ‘solid ten’

This singleton amusingly guessed a woman’s favourite style of art was minimalism after she offered very short replies

‘You’ve set the standard too high now’: One singleton won over a match after hitting on her with maths equations

While successful in gaining the person’s digits, this pick up line also backfired slightly when the messenger was also given the number of the woman’s father 

Monica admitted she loved cheesy pick up lines, before sharing a cringe-worthy one of her own (pictured above)

‘You deserve it’: One person was granted a woman’s phone number after playing out an elaborate role play with her via text

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