People share their colleagues' acts of incredible kindness

A real dream team! Workers share colleagues’ incredible acts of kindness – from finding a kidney donor for fellow teacher to throwing a baby shower for a pregnant pet snail

  • People in North America have shared stories of acts of kindness at work
  • Snaps collated in a gallery by Bored Panda include a baby shower for a snail
  • Among the stories are police throwing a party for their canine colleague 

Most people spend hours of their life at work, so it’s not surprising that they often become good friends with their colleagues. 

But these co-workers from the US and Canada  took friendly relationships to the next level, lavishing thoughtful acts of kindness on each other, collated by Bored Panda. 

The unexpected gestures include one thoughtful colleague getting his fellow worker’s  poetry published while another threw a baby shower for their workmate’s pregnant snail.

Others include a thoughtful bunch organising a ball pool for their boss’ birthday, and one workplace creating a log book to make sure an employee’s fish were fed during lockdown.

Here FEMAIL reveals the incredible acts of kindness people have done for their colleagues…

A good boy: Virginia K-9 officer Max puts his paws up and celebrates his birthday in style at a party organised by his human co-workers 

This poster took their duty as a pet sitter very seriously, even throwing a baby shower for her colleague’s pet snail after she unexpectedly gave birth

A tasty treat: After being told their colleague wasn’t going to have any cake on their birthday because they were dieting, this team pulled together and created a lavish fruit display

These teachers in Atlanta took to the streets in a bid to find a kidney donor for their colleague, giving out cards and talking to passers-by in a touching display of kindness

This lucky company president took a break from the rat race to play in this ball pool his staff organised for his birthday

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While working from home during lockdown, this office worker sent an email asking colleagues to feed his fish when they went in. Everyone banded together to make a log book and ensure no one went hungry

Despite suffering from sore feet from his old boots, this man wasn’t able to buy new ones so his colleagues did a whip-around and gifted him a pricey, top of the range new pair

After biking to work in the cold every morning, this man was delighted when a co-worker knitted him a hat and scarf 

It’s never great when you have to work a lonely shift on your birthday, but this night worker was pleasantly surprised when two colleagues he barely knew gave him a cake on at midnight

This 88-year-old’s dreams were accomplished when his new co-worker helped him publish his poetry (left: with his handwritten poems in a binder, right, holding his new book)

Losing a companion animal is absolutely devastating, but a co-worker’s wife helped ease this poster’s pain, by spending 10-hours knitting a soft toy cat in tribute

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