Pet has own lift instead of cat flap as owner drags her up with bag and rope

It's important for pets to get out and be in the outdoors.

Whether it's a dog or cat who loves to stay in the warmth of their home, roaming the streets is also crucial too.

But of course it can be harder for pets to enjoy the nature, especially if they live in a block of flats.

Luckily one couple have found a smart way of letting their furry friend in when she wants to come home.

Posting on Reddit, the clip shows a special elevator carrying up the cat by a bag and rope.

Fans of the social media platform thought it was smart, with the post racking up over 3,000 upvotes and dozens of comments.

One Reddit user wrote: "What a beautiful and smart tuxie, she seems at ease on the 'elevator'."

Another social media user added: "This is impressive. I don't think any of mine would 'get' the process.

"But really the cat has trained your parents, not the other way round!"

The poster later shared an update to the video, revealing how the cat learned the trick.

Explaining in the comments section, they said: "My parents got her when she was really little.

"They started by getting her comfortable in the bag and lowering her when the bag was closed.

"When she was comfortable they would have someone meet her downstairs to open the bag, and let her jump out.

"Eventually she could do it by herself with an open bag the whole way."

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In other pet news, a German shepherd's wholesome reaction to cat licking went viral.

The dog is trying to sleep on the sofa but is startled by the cat's attention and stops to stare at the invader of his personal space.

He then returns the favour and licks the cat on the face.

But while the kitty is happy to dish it out, she's shocked when she is slobbered on with saliva herself and backs off.

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