'Pokemon 25: The Album,' featuring Katy Perry and Post Malone, due out this fall

For those who missed the festivities of Pokémon Day, an all-day celebration of the beloved franchise’s 25th anniversary, no worries: all the acts who stepped up to applaud Pokémon’s milestone will all appear on an album, “Pokémon 25: The Album,” due out later this year.

Katy Perry, Post Malone and J Balvin all took the virtual stage Saturday to celebrate the grand occasion.

According to a press release, Capitol Records will release “Pokémon 25: The Album” this fall and it will feature several surprise artists. The compilation album will include 14 songs from 11 different artists belonging to the Universal Music Group umbrella. It’s currently unknown when the full track list will be revealed.

PHOTO: "Pokemon 25: The Album" is scheduled to be released by Universal Music Group's Capitol Records in Fall 2021.

Balvin said in a statement about the upcoming studio effort, “Pokémon is pulling out all the stops for P25 Music, and I’m thrilled to join the program as one of its premier collaborators. I’m looking forward to adding my own unique flavor to this huge Pokémon party and adding more good vibes to the celebration.”

The album will also include Post Malone’s cover of the Hootie and the Blowfish hit, “I Only Wanna Be With You,” which was charting around the same time the first Pokémon games were released in Japan.

The album is now available for pre-save.

Ahead of the album’s announcement, Malone headlined Pokémon Day’s celebratory concert on Saturday, of which the entire 13-minute virtual performance can be watched here:

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