Pregnant mum-of-11 shamed by trolls for giving her kids junk food while poorly

A mum of 11 children has defiantly told trolls she "doesn't care" if they judge her parenting on her "off days" when she is too tired to cook.

TikTok user Veronica Merritt @thismadmama shares clips from her hectic but happy lifestyle on her page and recently admitted she was feeling a bit under the weather.

While she often shares videos of her home-cooked meals, in her recent ones she reveals she has been giving the family "junk food" and fruit while she is unwell.

She shows her kids eating instant noodles, waffles, tinned pineapple, and bowls of cereal with milk.

The mum, from New York, US, explains: "Today I made no effort to cook anything fancy for my 11 kids, and I know it was all sugar, salt, and junk but I’m tired, pregnant, and cranky.

"Go ahead and hate on me, I don’t care. I’m human, I have off days, at least the kids ate!"

In contrast, the caption is less confident and reads: "Honestly I'm not sure I want to keep sharing what we eat since people will bully me no matter what I make."

As the mum predicted, trolls didn't hold back in the comments and made some judgmental remarks.

One blasted "is this a joke," another called the food "strange concoctions," and a third insultingly told her to "stop breeding".

Some parents had her back, with one commenting: "People are making me laugh so hard.

"Bruh my kids eat leftover sandwiches for lunch… get over it."

Another said: "All of you act like you make everything completely from scratch every time you eat."

In her previous videos, the mum revealed she became pregnant with her first child, a baby daughter called Victoria, when she was just 14.

She says kidney disease means she is unable to take hormonal contraception because she fears the medication will raise her blood pressure.

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