Rich House Poor House leaves viewers shocked as growing family has £30k debt -so baffled

Jonnie Irwin show off incredible luxury tree house

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Channel 5 series Rich House, Poor House follows two families with very different incomes and lifestyles. Many viewers took social media to share their thoughts on today’s episode.

This Sunday’s programme saw Buckinghamshire-based Filistad family swapping lives with the Ryan family.

The Filistads made their money thanks to their digital marketing business, which makes an annual turnover of £4 million.

Kelly and Rob Filistad have two daughters, Sienna and Bella, and live in an impressive mansion.

Their stunning house features six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a cinema room, an enormous garden, luxury cars and a babysitter.

Meanwhile, the Ryans are struggling in a small flat in High Wycombe, also in Buckinghamshire, with a very low income.

They have three children – Luca, Kian-Brody and Veronica-Rose – and another one on the way.

The Ryans live in a two-bedroom flat and are worried as they don’t know how they are going to fit baby number four.

Furthermore, the family has a £30,000 debt.

The Filistad family wanted to swap houses as they don’t have time for their two girls, while the Ryans wanted to change their mindset in order to start fighting harder for the things they really want.

Many viewers took to Twitter to share their take on the lifestyle swap.

Many were shocked the Ryans were having another kid with such a big debt.

“Rich House, Poor House takes me to the fair. 

“Why keep having kids if you can not afford them.

“I’m so baffled with the world we live in,” said one viewer.

“Rich house Poor house, oooh let’s leave our debt letters in the cutlery drawer,” commented another one.

A third viewer said: “Rich house, poor house is mad.

“£30k of debt in a rented flat…with their fourth kid on the way.”

Others were confused by the Filistad’s grocery shopping choice.

“Why do the minted family on Rich House, Poor House, always try and do a big shop for £40 at a corner shop instead of going to Aldi or Lidl?

“There must be a contractual reason or something?”

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