Royal Insiders Want Prince Charles To Abdicate The Throne For This Royal, And It's Not Prince William

Prince Charles is next in line to the throne, but the Prince of Wales could abdicate in favor of another royal – and his replacement might not be Prince William. Royal watchers believe there is a chance that Charles will give up his right to the throne so that his younger brother, Prince Andrew, will inherit the crown. The rumors are based on how Charles is now 70 years old and might not want to spend his final days ruling the monarchy.

Fans question Prince Charles’ future as King

Fans of the royal family are beginning to wonder if Charles really wants to become the King of England after Queen Elizabeth II. In the event that Charles abdicates the throne, royal experts have always thought Prince William would be the one to replace him.

But, as some fans have pointed out, Prince Andrew would alsobe a valid candidate for the job. After all, at the age of 59, Andrew has moreexperience than William and could be a better choice for the position.

The only problem with this theory is that Prince Charlescannot pick just anyone to replace him. According to InternationalBusiness Times, the royal family has already decreed who will inherit thecrown after Charles. As second in line to the throne, William will be Kingafter Charles, barring some kind of tragedy.

After William steps down, his son, Prince George, will takethe throne, followed by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. That line ofsuccession, of course, will change in the event that George gets married andhas children of his own. Based on that law, it is very unlikely that Andrewwill ever sit at the head of the table.

What happens if Prince Charles abdicates?

All signs point towards Charles accepting the crown, butthere are specific things that would happen in the event that he abdicates. IfCharles decided to give up his title and wanted Andrew on the throne, he wouldhave to dictate such wishes in a document called an Instrument of Abdication.

Parliament would also have to approve of the document, whichwould outline exactly who would inherit the crown after Charles. Right now,Charles does not have the authority to declare Andrew next in line and will notuntil Elizabeth is off the throne.

The only legal way Andrew could take the throne is if Prince Charles did not father any children. Because Charles has two children, Andrew has zero claim to the crown. The same rule holds true with William, who recently welcomed his third child with Kate Middleton.

If William did not have any children, however, the crownwould have been passed to his brother, Prince Harry, who has one son withMeghan Markle. As it now stands, Harry is currently sixth in line following allthree of William’s children.

When will William be King?

While Andrew is clearly out of the running to be King, thereis a chance that William takes the throne sooner than expected. Queen Elizabethturned 93 years old this year and many experts believe there will be change inthe monarchy within the next ten years.

Depending on how much longer Elizabeth lives, Prince Charleswill likely take the throne closer to the age of 80. If that happens, there isa very real chance that he abdicates so that he can spend his final years inretirement. This would open the door for William to become King of England at amanageable age.

Recent surveys suggest that citizens throughout the UK likethe idea of William becoming King over Charles. Not only is William one of themost popular members of the royal family, but he also does not have as muchbaggage as his father.

Charles faced a lot of criticism in the wake of his divorce from Princess Diana, especially after she revealed that he had an affair during their marriage. Charles has since repaired most of his public image but he still trails William in popularity.

The royal family has not commented on the rumors surroundingPrince Charles.

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