Save up to 25% on Southern Comfort and Fireball Whisky – options under £15

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We’re not sure what’s going on at Amazon HQ, but the deals they’ve been dropping lately on alcohol have been something to behold.

Everything from spirits to wine, to beer, has been saying major price reductions, and today they took things up a notch by slashing the prices of products from world-famous whisky brands.

The sale includes different variations of Southern Comfort as well as Fireball, two of the most iconic iterations of whisky on the market.

Fireball and Southern Comfort are both whiskies that are seen just as commonly at huge parties as they are on a cocktail connoisseurs bar cart, which makes them a necessity for any good host.

So seeing as their such a staple for liquor lovers, it would make sense to keep your eyes peeled for sales so you can stock up while snagging some savings, and right now Amazon has a sale you don’t want to miss – with prices slashed by up to 25 percent.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Liqueur, 1L – was: £21.76, now: £17.50.

Fireball Liqueur, 50mll x 10 – was: £18, now: £14.40.

Southern Comfort Original Liqueur with Whiskey, 1.5L – was: £44.35, now: £35.

Southern Comfort® Black Liqueur with Whiskey, 700ml – was: £25, now: £18.75.

Southern Comfort Black Liqueur with Whiskey, 1L – was: £31.36, now: £25.

Don’t forget it’s not just Southern Comfort and Fireball that’s on sale on Amazon right now, so you can take a look at all the other alcohol deals they’re currently running here.

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