Schoolgirl saved six lives by donating organs after tragically taking her own

A schoolgirl has saved six people by donating her organs, after she tragically took her own life.

Sky Lewis was found dead last week after struggling with mental health problems.

The 16-year-old's heartbroken mum Michaela Fry says six people will benefit from her daughter's death after she chose to donate her organs, Wales Online reports.

Michaela, 34, said: "She was lovely. All parents say that, but she always wanted to know how people were.

"She could always tell if people were down.

"It didn't matter if she was upset, she would get joy out of helping people."

Sky, from Rumney, Cardiff, was found dead on Wednesday, July 31, and her mum believes she took her own life.

Michaela said: "She was struggling herself with depression, and growing up in general as well.

"She would always come across as happy, but I knew there was something was going on.

"She didn't tell me because she didn't want me to get upset."

Sky made the decision to donate her organs when she was just 10-years-old after a discussion with her mum.

Michaela said: "She was really up for and never changed her mind since.

"She told me 'take whatever people need, mum, for others'.

"I'm proud of her. She always thought about other people.

"But she was so concerned about other people that she forgot about herself.

"Sky has gone, but she's living on in at least six people's lives. She was a diamond."

A fundraising page set up by friend Lauren Dudley said Sky "had her battles" but was "always there for others who were feeling down."

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