Serial mistress tells how she got married millionaire to take her on 50k holiday

A serial mistress has revealed her top tips for bagging a married millionaire after enjoying a summer of love with a tycoon.

Gweneth Lee, 47, told women how to land a loaded lad while sharing photos of her £50,000 holiday which included a stay in a £1,000-a-night suite at Rome's exclusive Hotel Hassler and shopping trips to Gucci.

She said mistresses should never have sex on a first date, establish a back story and carry out research into whether would-be beaus have money before agreeing to meet.

Gweneth said: "My view is that life is too short to ever date anyone who is skint.

"Life is a lot more fun when your lover is a millionaire.

"You can enjoy the holiday of your dreams and not pay a penny if you are really cute when you are dating online and know how to sniff out those golden nuggets.''

Gweneth, from Chelsea, west London, has hooked three multi-millionaires in the past year on affairs website

She suggests picking niche dating sites which attract a rich clientele.

Get a professional photographer to shoot – and airbrush – your profile picture.

Then vet potential new lovers to see if they are really rich before you agree to a date.

Consider older men over 40 who are married or in long-term relationships and may have agreements with partners to date others.

She suggests women should leave new partners wanting more by refusing to slip into bed on the first date, be positive, willing to travel, up for an adventure and blitz blokes with their achievements and qualifications.

"They need to fall in love and in lust with you before they start splashing the cash,'' she said.

Gweneth shared her tips after returning from a holiday of a lifetime with a married Brit lover in his 60s who made his money investing in digital start-ups.

She said: "He is a multi-millionaire whose wife turns a blind eye to his cheating.

"Each summer he goes away for two weeks with her and then for a week of fun with his mistress – this year it was me.

"We travelled to Rome, staying in a gorgeous suite at Hotel Hassler, and he took me shopping to all the city’s designer boutiques.

"We spent a fortune shopping at Gucci and went lots of the iconic locations such as Harry’s Bar.

"From Italy, we travelled to Malta and enjoyed an idyllic few days eating at Michelin starred restaurants in Valletta and seeing the sites.

"Sex is a big part of the holiday fun.

"He rarely has sex with his wife and she is happy for him to sleep with other women just as long as he is discreet.''

Gweneth has recently dated two other millionaires – a hedge fund manager and a shipping magnate.

She said: "The shipping magnate is a Dane who spends a lot of time in London.

"He is highly sexed, travels all over the world and has a girl in every port. Wherever he is in the world, he likes to have companion he can meet up with for intelligent chat and sex. I’m his London girl.

"The hedge fund manager works crazy hours and takes me on work trips abroad.

"We tend to go to the big financial centres – Frankfurt, New York and Hong Kong. He can unwind with me after meeting clients.

"It makes the trips more enjoyable for him. He is married but his wife stays at home with their teenage children.''

An spokesman said: "Gweneth is one of the most prolific female daters on the site.

"She shows the fun you can have if you have a can-do attitude and know how to attract wealthy men when dating online.''

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