Supermarket worker signed on spot by music exec who saw her arriving for shift

A supermarket worker was signed on the spot in the biscuit aisle after an off-the-cuff performance about plastic pollution.

Music executive Dan Glatman said he only popped to Waitrose for a packet of biscuits and a bag of flour, but he "left with a star" after spotting Karina Ramage's guitar.

He asked the 25-year-old why she had it, prompting the performance of her tune Wasteland.

She had arrived for her shift last Friday carrying the instrument on her back when the mogul – who created pop sensation Blue – asked to see her play.

The Glasgow-born performer busks in her spare time and penned the song, which is available on Spotify, about the damage human activity is causing the planet.

Lyrics include: "We throw trash in the oceans, fill the waters with toxins… feed the turtles with bin bags, make the world a wasteland."

Karina played for the 44-year-old executive in the biscuit aisle at the West Hampstead store, in north west London, in the potentially life-changing twist of fate.

Onlookers break out into wild applause as soon as she finishes the performance, before the executive says "I'm in, I'm so in.

"That sounds like the sort of song the world needs to be hearing right now."

Posting the video online, he said he was 'blown away' by the impromptu show and 'offered to be her manager on the spot'.

He's currently in the process of looking for a record label for her, he told Mail Online .

"It totally blew me away. I was just like "my God"!" he said.

"That was just like a hit, she was amazing!

"I went in there for a packet of biscuits and a bag of flour and walked out with a star."

He claimed she will become "the musical voice of the world" and said he couldn't believe his luck, as she only works at the store twice weeky.

Dan, who also spontaneously signed the Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir after hearing them at a wedding in 2006, said he's "very excited" to have found such a "rare" talent.

In 2010 along with film director Guy Ritchie, he set up record label Punchbowl Recordings.

Karina describes her music as "pop folk with way too many harmonies (in a good way)" and her small but devoted following had previously described her as "a star in the waiting".

"If there's any justice, this lady would get signed today," a fan commented.

In 2010 along with film director Guy Ritchie, Dan set up record label Punchbowl Recordings.

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