Tattoo model shunned and branded a freak shows what she looked like before ink

Amber Luke is often branded an “ugly freak” due to her extreme body art.

The 26-year-old model, from Brisbane, Australia, has spent years altering her appearance.

Since she was a teenager, she’s explored her interest for tattoos by covering herself in hundreds of intricate designs.

She’s dyed her bleach blonde hair an icy shade of blue and decorated her face with stud piercings and hoops.

Amber has also braved grisly body modification procedures like eyeball inkings, a split tongue and ear stretching.

And let’s not forget the cosmetic surgery she's had done, including a boob job, Brazilian bum lift and face fillers.

On Instagram, Amber shared side-by-side snaps to show how much her look has changed over the years.

In the caption, she had a message for those who preferred her more “natural” look.

Addressing the keyboard warriors who try to bring her down, she said: “‘Freak’, ‘school desk’, ‘degenerate’, ‘ugly’.

“You’re literally wasting your time & energy by projecting years of brainwashing by society – and probably just as bad – generations of your family telling you that different is not okay.

“I walk down the street where ever I go and get shunned – all because I chose to be individual and felt an inner yearning to embark on my journey from a young age.”

Amber plans to “evolve” more in the coming months – and doesn’t care what critics have to say about her.

She added: “I’m 26, I’m still getting more body mods, I’ve got a lot of tattooing work left to do & will forever keep evolving.

“See it how you want too – but I think it’s a god dam beautiful thing to embrace change & watch yourself come out of the cocoon you were once sheltered in.”

The post has garnered more than 1,500 likes – and many praised Amber for speaking so openly about her transformation.

One commenter said: “If everybody looked the same, we’d be tired of looking at each other.”

A second wrote: “You look good before and after the transformation.”

Another said: “Only beauty I see. On the inside and outside. Keep being 100% you. You rock!”

A fourth commented: “Go your way and stay strong! Your life, nobody can walk in your shoes. Always a beauty!”

Another wrote: “You gotta do what makes you happy in this world. Especially when it comes to your own appearance.”

And a sixth added: “Crazy transformation but I love it.”

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