Teddi Mellencamp on Avoiding Todrick Hall During Big Brother Finale, What Went Down Before Live Feeds

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum hasn't heard from Hall since the finale and she's totally fine with that.

It was a tense and awkward finale for “Celebrity Big Brother” last month as Miesha Tate emerged victorious from the House to … almost universal silence from her fellow Houseguests.

But it wasn’t Tate that was the biggest problem, according to most of them we’ve spoken to here at TooFab and what they’ve been saying on social media. It was runner-up Todrick Hall that apparently managed to rub just about every single one of them the wrong way, including the very first one voted out.

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Considering Hall and Tate dominated the entire season and were in control of absolutely every move made one way or another, it’s telling that one of his earliest allies was the first one evicted. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave told Us Weekly that fans — even Live Feed fans — missed out on a lot of drama.

While the show was broadcast three to four nights a week, there were Live Feeds streaming almost continuously from inside the House. But those didn’t start right away after the Houseguests moved in. That meant that a lot of things were in motion and happening inside before anybody was watching!

“There was a lot of drama in the house prior to us going live, and he just really fed into it in a very toxic way,” she told the outlet.

She further said that the problem wasn’t so much that Hall flipped from an early alliance with her, Carson Kressley, Mirai Nagasu, Cynthia Bailey and Shanna Moakler, it’s the way he went about how he played the game.

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“A lot of people that didn’t watch the live feeds are a little bit confused on what went down, but he went past playing the game,” she explained. This early alliance seemed to collapse almost out of nowhere to TV viewers.

Live Feed viewers were tuned in to some of Hall’s more abhorrent behavior — which largely had to do with mocking his fellow Houseguests behind their backs, playing the victim, gaslighting, cruel insensitivity, etc. Some of that is part of the game, but a lot of it was inappropriate.

“I understand it’s a game, and you should play it with your full heart and do what you gotta do, and there’s gonna be alliance switches and all of that,” said Mellencamp. “But it’s the things he said about a lot of us personally that weren’t necessary. It was taking it too far.”

That’s in line with the feedback TooFab received from ousted Houseguests he attacked directly including Moakler, Kressley, Chris Kirkpatrick and Todd Bridges.

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When it culminated with Hall and Tate sitting in those final two seats, they were unknowingly facing a very bitter jury who’d seen the clips and watched the footage of Hall’s gameplay. While they weren’t able to question them directly, they made their anger clear in the commentary they presented while handing Tate a landslide victory over Hall.

And then, as the confetti showed down, the entire Jury stayed seated off to the side of center stage until host Julie Chen urged them to get up. Even then, Mellencamp notably stayed off to one side of the stage, not approaching the winner or runner-up.

“I didn’t even go over because I can’t be fake like that,” she explained. “That’s not who I am. So, I was like, ‘I’ll just make it clear that I drew my line in the sand right here.'”

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As for where things stand now, Mellencamp hasn’t heard from Hall nor has she made any attempts to reach out. In fact, she’ll be fine if they never reconnect. Instead, she hopes that Hall is able to step back, reflect and maybe learn something.

“I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that hopefully he is gonna see some of the things and realize he made some mistakes,” said Mellencamp. ““I don’t care about him personally apologizing to me. There [are] people that he said way worse things about. I think they’re a priority.”

Those people largely include Kirkpatrick and Moakler. He told Kirkpatrick that his son would be embarrassed and ashamed of the *NSYNC founder for flipping alliances, and even told the singer he was taking it personally even if it was just game. It’s worth noting that Hall had already flipped alliances, and every time he betrayed someone he insisted it was just gameplay.

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He was far worse on Moakler. Not only did he question her work ethic, but he said incredibly disparaging things about the way she dressed, even after she left the House, and said perhaps the worst thing of all as she was leaving.

Frustrated by his manipulation and lies that got her evicted, Moakler said she would get the Jury to vote against him — she didn’t have to worry, though, as that was already lining up. On her way out the door, Hall shouted, “Don’t be too hard on me, now!”

What is especially cruel about this expression is that earlier in the season, Moakler had shared a traumatizing experience she’d had with a home intruder who’d said the same thing to her in that moment. The connection was not explained on-air, but Live Feed watchers and social media picked up on it immediately.

In the wake of his icy reception — and the heat on social media — Hall canceled all post-show interviews. To date, he has still not spoken about his time on the show publicly.

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