Text messages from entitled relatives will make your blood boil

Can’t choose your family! Cheeky messages expose relatives with a VERY strong sense of entitlement

  • Family members are supposed to be there for you and support you
  • Social media users from around the world have been sharing unsupportive texts
  • BridesBlush online gallery proved family can be rather outrageous sometimes 
  • Included family member asking for $3,000 and someone unhappy with present

Family are supposed to be there for you and offer you support through the difficult times. 

However, when you’re dealing with entitled relatives whose idea of being family means taking advantage of their nearest and dearest, things can get a lot more tricky.  

In an online gallery collated by BridesBlush, people from around the world revealed messages from entitled family members who thought nothing of showing off their selfish side. 

One message shows how a family member lost a bet and brazenly asked for thousands of dollars, upping the amount by $1,000 in the space of just one text. 

Elsewhere, an ungrateful child complained that their mother only bought them AirPods when they wanted the Pro version. 

Here Femail reveals the entitled behaviour of some very raucous relatives.  

Luck ran out! In an online gallery collated by BridesBlush , these people from around the world found their family members were rather unsupportive. This person from the US brazenly asked for $3,000 from their relative after having a bad bet 

Ungrateful! Meanwhile this child from the US was given a set of AirPods by their mother but decided to complain on Snapchat about not getting AirPod Pros 

Snow joke! A mother from the US asked their family member to watch their child on a snow day and left them confused. Their relative questioned why they could not drop them off if they would be driving to work

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Car-azy! This entitled and tone-deaf mother and daughter from the US decided to look for a free car on a social media page for those having financial struggles 

Drop everything! This person got so desperate they decided to tell their relative to cut their date night short. An unusual move… 

Sharing isn’t caring! A frustrated poster had to loan their laptop to their brother and they loaded viruses onto it. But instead of telling off the brother, the father says the laptop was not good enough

Working it out! This person had been out of a job for a while and she was taking money from her mother. But when her sibling helped her find employment she wanted more money and then got declined. This seems a little entitled….

Netflix and chilly! Meanwhile, a separate person refused to give their Netflix password to their sibling which caused a bit of a frosty exchange of words 

Communication breakdown! Someone else asked for help from their sibling but was immature and caused an argument even though their relative had actually tried to be there for them 

Thanks, but no thanks! This person tried to be caring and kind to their family members but they refused their help 

No big deal! A different message showed someone who started their message in entirely the wrong tone which meant it was unlikely their relative would help them 

Be kind! This man had just lost his wife but his brother decided that he would not be selfless towards him and instead was selfish 

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