The 10 Most Expensive Buffets In The World, As Of 2022

When it comes to a remarkable and unique dining experience, an eat-all-you-can buffet tops the list almost every time. Most buffet consumers feel a deep sense of value, satisfaction, and bliss from choosing hundreds of dishes, tasting cuisines from all over the world, and not having to worry about a single dish after an enormous meal. A fine dining experience might be great but buffets offer a wide selection to your table without the additional cost that would occur in other normal restaurants.

With the rise of eat-all-you-can restaurants, luxury buffets are also making noise in the industry. Avid food lovers can enjoy a luxury dining experience, high-quality ingredients plucked from all over the world, world-class chefs, and a deluxe environment. These expensive buffets are known for their exclusivity and high-class selection of dishes from all over the world.

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10 Wicked Spoon Buffet

Enjoy a weekend brunch at the Wicked Spoon Buffet. This renowned buffet is located at The Cosmopolitan, in Las Vegas. Casino goers love this place thanks to its wide variety of steak, sushi, and eggs benedict. It costs around $49 to eat at this weekend brunch in Las Vegas.

The buffet also has an international station if you’re up for exotic dishes such as carnitas tacos and lamb gyros. Their wicked twist on the traditional buffet includes bottomless beverages for an additional $24 per person. During holidays, the rate can hike up to $60.

9 Les Grande Buffet

The Les Grande Buffet was first established in 1989 by the visionary Louis Privat. The interior space of the buffet resembles a luxurious French chateau, featuring antique chandeliers, vintage woodwork, and tapestries. It costs about $50 to eat at this buffet restaurant.

For the food selection, they offer 50 homemade desserts, 9 foie gras, over 300 dishes, 9 premium hams, and a giant lobster fountain. They might not have the most expensive desserts in the world but their homemade desserts are delicately made with luscious flavors. They are also known for cheeses, rotisserie, duck press, seafood, local bistro meals, and endless champagne.

8 The Bacchanal Buffet

Cooking over 500 dishes every day and nine live show stations, The Bacchanal Buffet is one of the most expensive in Las Vegas. The newly-renovated restaurant is located at Caesar’s Palace. Hotel and non-hotel guests can enjoy food being prepared right in front of them! It costs around $55 to $75 to dine in at this buffet restaurant.

They feature 15 daily chef specials, roman-style pizza, dim sum, and even vegan options. Asian cuisines from the Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand are also available in this restaurant.

7 The Line Buffet

If you are a seafood lover, you will love The Line Buffet. They serve the most expensive and rare seafood dishes from all over the world. Seafood such as lobsters, snow crabs, tuna, and scallops are available at all times in this buffet.

They also have a selection of 80 unique famous and international dishes. This Singaporean restaurant is heaven for meat lovers on Wednesdays. They serve veal sausage, Wagyu beef, and Australian Angus beef and costs $70.

6 Eight Buffet at the Cordis

Complete your New Zealand trip by visiting the Eight Buffet located at the Cordis, Auckland. They offer a world-class buffet experience consisting of eight different cuisines from all over the world and costs around $75.

Whether you’re craving fresh Japanese sushi or luxurious steak cuts, they have it all for you. Non-hotel goers can still book to dine at the buffet. A wide array of international dishes curated by international cuisine stars is what makes this buffet expensive.

5 Bally’s Sterling Brunch at BLT Steak

The Bally’s Sterling Brunch is the most expensive buffet in Las Vegas. You can upgrade to a Sterling brunch for only $13. The Sterling brunch includes entrée items such as pasta stations, omelet stations, and carving stations.

This buffet restaurant also offers specialty and bottomless drinks such as Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and wine. It costs around $90 to experience a buffet in this Las Vegas restaurant.

4 Conrad’s Hong Kong Sunday Brunch Buffet

Conrad’s Hong Kong is the best place if you are for great sushi, meat, seafood, and homemade pasta. They might not be have the most expensive sushi in the world but they have sumptuous sushi selection. Conrad’s is the best place to go especially on their Sunday Brunch as they have the widest variety of food during this time.

They have a separate menu for 8 entrées. The price for Conrad’s Hong Kong Sunday Brunch Buffet is about $100. Kids have their own section. When they’re not serving buffet, Conrad’s is a high-end Italian restaurant.

3 Harborside Buffet at InterContinental Hong Kong

This Intercontinental Harborside buffet in Hong Kong is a delight for food lovers. They offer a wide selection of dim sum, pizza, seafood, foie gras, and Haagen Dazs. For sweets, they have ice cream, waffles, soufflés, and crepes.

For a luxury dining experience on this buffet restaurant costs $100. Make sure to visit on a Saturday evening as they have the best food options during this time. They offer an interactive buffet experience with seven live-action stations to choose from.

2 Saffron Brunch Buffet at Atlantis, The Palm

This buffet is heaven for Asian food lovers. You can enjoy live entertainment while delighting yourself with a wide selection of Southeast Asian cuisines.   The price range for a buffet at the Saffron Brunch Buffet at Atlantis is around $120-135.

The award-winning Asian buffet offers 220 dishes, 20 live cooking stations, and seafood feasts. Non-hotel goers can still book a buffet. They might not be most indulgent chocolate buffet in the world but their desserts selection is impressive too.

1 Ritz Carlton Singapore Sunday Brunch

Ritz Carlton is the perfect place for those who are craving for premium quality sushi. Make sure to visit Ritz Carlton in Singapore for a Sunday brunch! The average price for a Sunday Brunch at the Ritz Carlton Singapore is about $140. They are best known for unlimited Moet Chandon, wine, and cocktails.

The restaurant showcases sumptuous local, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Western dishes with their expansive seven open kitchens and breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Their selection is best paired with six kinds of oysters that you can find in the buffet restaurant, along with sashimi, sushi, cheese, and a wide range of desserts.

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