‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Hannah Goes Off On Luke After He Shames Her For Having Sex

Fantasy suite week brought a lot of drama on the July 15 episode of ‘The Bachelorette,’ including Hannah finally blowing up on Luke after he judged her for sleeping with other men on the show!

For the first time ever on The Bachelorette, there are FOUR guys going to fantasy suite dates during the July 15 episode: Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, Luke Parker and Peter Weber. First up is Peter, who gets to enjoy a romantic boat ride through Crete, Greece with Hannah. Their connection is undeniable, but Peter still only tells Hannah he really “likes” her, and she’s worried about the fact that he hasn’t opened up quite as much as the other guys.

During the nighttime portion of the date, Peter once again struggles to express how he’s feeling, but he finally lets Hannah know that she’s the first person to ever make him feel comfortable with being fully himself. Finally, Peter tells Hannah he’s in love with her, and she cannot wipe the smile off her face. Hannah invites Peter into the fantasy suite, where they’ll finally get some alone time together without the cameras around. Their overnight date takes place in a windmill, and they wake up the next morning in total bliss.

The next date is for Tyler. The two get a couples’ massage, and at one point, Tyler even gets up and massages Hannah himself. Obviously, the date gets super physical, and Hannah and Tyler’s chemistry is undeniable. However, Hannah is concerned that her emotional connection with Tyler isn’t in the same place as their physical connection.

Hannah approaches Tyler with her concerns during the nighttime portion of their date. She lets Tyler know that she doesn’t want to have sex with him in the fantasy suite because their relationship doesn’t need it. “I think we have to explore just being together and continue our emotional connection and have that time,” she says. “That’s what we need in the fantasy suite.” Tyler assures Hannah that the fantasy suite is about “way more” than sex for him, and tells her that he loves her. Hannah loves that Tyler didn’t question what she asked of him, and they decide to spend the night together.

Jed’s date is next, and he has a lot he wants to discuss with Hannah after he was left in the bottom two with Luke at last week’s rose ceremony (she eventually decided to keep them both). Luke has been the ‘villain’ all season long, and Jed is concerned that he might be on the same level as him in Hannah’s mind. “I just don’t fully understand how you can be as amazing as you are and even consider someone like him,” Jed says when he confronts Hannah. She struggles to find a way to explain the situation to Jed without hurting him.

“There is a connection,” she admits. “I’m still trying to figure it out. I do think he’s a good guy. I don’t know what to say.” Jed responds by asking, “I guess if you’re this close to being with somebody forever, if you’re this close to finding your husband, then what makes you hold onto something so certain?” Hannah explains that there’s just a “feeling” she can’t describe. “Our relationship is a little bit different,” she reveals. “I’ve seen different sides of him that I know y’all haven’t seen.” In the end, all Jed can do is thank Hannah for being honest with him, although he’s admittedly still concerned that Luke will hurt her.

During the nighttime portion of the date, Hannah hopes to continue to reassure Jed that their relationship is in a good place. However, Jed is not ready to let it go. “I would completely be lying to you if I would say it doesn’t affect the way I feel,” Jed admits. “It does weigh on me. It’s weighed on me a lot. I think I need to know where I stand going forward.” He tells Hannah that he’s “worried” that her decision to keep Luke around means she might “have a hard time letting go of things that aren’t good for [her] in [her] life.”

Hannah is practically speechless, and after telling Jed he wants her to “trust” her, she gets so frustrated that she storms off from the table. He follows her, and she rants that she’s sick of explaining to people why she has feelings for Luke. Finally, she calms down, and lets Jed know she “understands” where he’s coming from, but can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust her decisions. In the end, he assures her his comments were only made out of a place of love, and promises that he does trust her. Hannah loves that she was able to experience a “real” moment with Jed, and she invites him to the fantasy suite, which he gladly accepts. By the next morning, they’re happier than ever.

Finally, it’s time for Luke’s date. The day goes great, and Hannah beams when Luke confesses his feelings for her and tells her that he sees her as his future wife. However, things fall apart during the nighttime, when Luke tells Hannah that he would have to “remove himself” from the show if he knew that she had sex with any of the other men. Hannah is taken aback and lets Luke know it. “Some of the things you said, I don’t agree with at all,” she says. “Honestly, I’m kind of mad because that way you just said that is like…why do you have the right to that? You’re not my husband. You’re questioning me and judging me and feel like you have the right to, when you don’t at this point.”

Luke tries to backtrack, and tells Hannah he wouldn’t mind if she “slipped up” (yes, those words) one time, but admits he wouldn’t be okay with her being sexually intimate with all three other men. Hannah is absolutely livid at this point, and goes OFF. “You’re holding other people to a standard that you don’t even live by,” she rants. “Maybe you abstain from sex, but there’s a lot of things you struggle with. Because I might want to have sex…that’s your x off? Well, I could have x-ed you off so many times for things that I want out of a relationship, and it’s just sex for you. Well, I want someone who can get along with people. There’s so many things I don’t want out of a husband that you’ve shown. So, that’s a big f*** you. That’s what it is.”

The conversation finally gives Hannah the clarity she’s been waiting for: She doesn’t want Luke to be her husband, and she lets him know it! Luke wants another chance to explain himself, but she’s not having it, and tells him it’s over and time for him to leave. She gets even more angry when he tells her that he feels like she “owes him” another chance. “I have bent over backwards for this relationship!” she says. “So I don’t owe you anything! Get up! I cannot believe you just said that to me. I OWE YOU?!”

Once again, he tries to fight for his chance to stay, and even “refuses” to get in the limo. Hannah is DONE, though, and flat-out tells Luke she did have sex. “My husband, would never say what you said to me,” she concludes, before he finally gets in the limo and leaves.” Finally, Luke is GONE!

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