‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Hannah Makes An Unconventional Decision After Hometown Dates

Hannah Brown struggles to decide who to send home after her four hometown dates on ‘The Bachelorette,’ and it leads to the most shocking rose ceremony yet!

It’s time for hometown dates on the July 8 episode of The Bachelorette! First up, Hannah Brown heads to California to meet Peter Weber’s family. Peter takes Hannah in his plane for a romantic flight, and  reiterates that he’s falling for her “like crazy.” He also assures her that he sees a future with her. Finally, it’s time for Hannah to meet Peter’s mom, dad and brother, and the tough questions start right away. Peter’s brother asks Hannah if she and Peter have talked about whether or not they’re in love with one another. She explained that they haven’t, but she wouldn’t be meeting his family if she didn’t feel they were on track to do so.

Meanwhile, Peter admits to his mom that he’s in love with Hannah, although he hasn’t been able to say it yet. Peter’s mom is thrilled for him, but she’s worried about Hannah breaking his heart, and confronts Hannah about how scary that is. Hannah says that she definitely sees a possibility that Peter could be the last one standing with her at the end. By the end of the day, both of Peter’s parents admit that they see a connection between Hannah and their son. Then, before they part ways, Peter lets Hannah know that he’s so happy with their relationship is at, but he still isn’t able to bring himself to say, ‘I love you.’

Next up, Hannah goes to Florida to meet Tyler Cameron’s loved ones. Going into the date, Hannah admits that she’s unsure if Tyler is ready to be engaged, and is hoping to get clarity from his family members. To kick off the day, though, Hannah and Tyler take a romantic boat ride, and their physical chemistry is undeniable. Being home is emotional for Tyler, because when he left to be on The Bachelorette, his dad was sick, and he doesn’t know what condition he’ll be in. Luckily, things are going well.

Tyler’s dad admits that he sees a connection between Tyler and Hannah right away, and says he’s never seen Tyler this happy. Hannah chats with Tyler’s brothers, and they let her know that they’ve seen how much he’s changed since their dad got sick, and assure her that he’s ready to get engaged. His dad also admits that he thinks Tyler is ready for marriage, and Tyler tells his mom that he could definitely see himself proposing to Hannah. Hannah is given even more hope in her relationship with Tyler after meeting the family, and he lets her know that he’s falling in love with her.

Luke Parker’s hometown date is next, and after all their ups and down this season, Hannah has a lot that she wants to learn. She gets to meet  Luke’s friends before Sunday church, and since faith is so important to her, she loves seeing this side of him. He opens up about how he discovered God after years of partying and “chasing sex,” and Hannah gets assurance from Luke’s friends that he’s the “nicest guy.” Finally, she’s given affirmation of the ‘goodness’ she’s seen in him, despite his struggles with the other guys on the show.

Hannah and Luke open up to his family about the troubles they’ve gone through this season, and she’s very honest about what happened and why she’s been so hard on him. Luke’s dad is shocked to hear the stories, because he says it’s so unlike his son. Luke assures his dad that everything that’s happened has been worth it because of how strong his connection is with Hannah, and admits that he’s confident that he’s going to be the last one standing at the end.

Meanwhile, Luke’s brother and sister-in-law let Hannah know that what she’s heard about Luke in the house is certainly not who he really is. His dad also assures Hannah that there’s “no doubt” that Luke is ready for an engagement. Luke tells his mom that he’s in love with Hannah. By the end of the night, he apologizes to Hannah for everything he’s put her through on their journey, and vows to continue showing her the real him. Luke also tells Hannah he loves her, and she responds with a steamy kiss.

Finally, it’s time for Jed Wyatt’s hometown date. He takes Hannah to the recording studio so they can write a song together, and after an intimate moment together in the booth, Jed tells Hannah that he loves her. However, Jed’s parents are skeptical about the possibility of their son getting engaged so quickly. He assures his dad that his feelings for Hannah are real, and Hannah lets Jed’s mom know that Jed is the only guy on the show who she’s admitted to falling in love with.

Unfortunately, Jed’s mom is still skeptical, and she tells Hannah that she’s not sure Jed is ready to get engaged because music is where his focus is right now. Jed’s mom tells him that the situation doesn’t seem “realistic” to her because of his career goals, but he assures her that Hannah is supportive of him being a musician. However, his mom’s concerns are a red flag to Hannah, especially after his sister also says that falling in love might not be the best thing for him right now. She leaves the date with a lot to think about.

Going into the rose ceremony, Hannah is completely torn and isn’t ready to close the door on any of the remaining relationships. She gives the first rose to Peter, and the second to Tyler. However, when it comes to the third rose, Hannah cannot made the final decision — she needs more time with all of the guys before she can decide who her “person” is. She breaks down in tears while discussing the situation with Chris Harrison. Finally, she decides to give both Jed and Luke roses, so she can continuing exploring all the relationships during fantasy suite week.

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