This chefs intricate food carvings attract Instagram fans worldwide

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This artist’s intricate food art is carving out a spot in the crowded world of global social media sensations.

Daniele Barresi, 32, transforms tasty fruits and veggies into exquisite sculptures with his bare hands. His organically ornate pieces have ap-peel-ed to foodies and art lovers the world over, helping him attract more than 88,500 followers on Instagram.

The Italian-trained chef, who is now based in Sydney, can carve out detailed sculptures of animals and embroidery from fruit in just a few hours. He receives commissions from brands to do custom carvings, although he loves to carve birds, flowers and patterns.

Barresi started carving fruit 11 years ago after noticing some intricately carved pumpkins at a wedding. As soon as he got home, he began practicing carving — he went through over 1,000 pumpkins a year while learning. His wife has been his “harshest critic” since “she won’t just tell me she likes it until she thinks it’s perfect.”

Barresi now prefers to work on watermelons, but the dad of one claims that he can carve a strawberry in just 30 minutes, while larger pieces take between six to eight hours.

“Watermelons will always be my favorite things to carve because they are bigger, so they offer you more room to work with,” Barresi told Mercury Press. “But they are also the fruit of my home nation — with the colors red, white and green.”

Barresi has recently used avocados as a medium for his carvings of birds, embroidery and even skulls. He has transformed broccoli into legendary creatures, zucchini into flowers, and potatoes into people.


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