TikTok user shares tip on how to tell if its too hot to take dog for walkies

A woman has shared a top tip to help pet owners decide if it's too hot to venture out for 'walkies' with their beloved pooch.

As the UK is gripped in a heatwave – Sian Coffey took to TikTok to reveal how taking a four-legged friend on a walk in the heat, could do more harm than good as they struggle to cope.

Sian shared the video which was captured from a doorbell camera and showed a man walking his dog in the heat – before it darted desperate for shade under a tree.

Now, Sian is urging people to take more care during bouts of hot weather, and check the floor with the back of your hand for five seconds to see if it's too hot for a dog's paws.

Sian's caption reads: "If you are one of the many idiots walking your dog in a heatwave, you shouldn't be owning a dog.

"Watch the dog run for the shade, as the floor was boiling.

"If you cannot hold the back of your hand on the floor for five seconds, it's too hot."

Since the video was posted, and reported on LAD Bible it's been viewed over 444,000 times, with fellow pet owners piling into the comments to show their support.

One user said: "Every dog owner should know this. If you disagree with this, you're the problem."

Another added: "I work in a pub and the amount of people who bring their dogs out in the heat annoys me so much.

"They often don't bring water either. Lucky we provide it."

While a third joined in: "It was way too hot for dogs to be out today, didn't take mine out for walks at all.

Battersea Dog's charity also offers the following advice for pet owners to keep their animals cool:

  • Encourage them to stay in shaded areas and away from direct sunlight
  • Put down damp towels for them to lie on
  • Fill a hot water bottle with cold water, but keep an eye out for any signs of chewing as the material could be harmful if swallowed
  • Put the garden sprinkler on
  • Keep a paddling pool in the shade for them to splash about in
  • Hot surfaces can really hurt your dog's foot pads, particularly sand or tarmac. If these surfaces feel too hot for you, the chances are your dog's thinking the same

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