Tom Everett Scott wants to be a Marvel superhero

Tom Everett Scott would’t mind getting a piece of the Marvel pie so he can afford to pick up a Hamptons mansion.

“Is there a superhero who’s a tall, lanky guy, graying at the temples?” the 50-year-old actor jokingly asked Page Six.

Scott told us he fell in love with the ritzy area on Long Island while shooting the comedy “Sister of the Groom” last summer.

“We would jog that neighborhood and run past Seinfeld’s mansion, but you don’t see the house from the street,” the “That Thing You Do!” star said.

During the shoot, he stayed in a mansion with his castmates, telling us that they would all cook and explore the Hamptons together.

“It turned out to be one of the best locations I’ve ever been to for a shoot … I love that town,” he said.

However, Scott’s Hamptons aspirations may be put on hold after his TruTV series, “I’m Sorry,” was canceled amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were mid-production. We were two weeks into a 10-week shoot when we got pulled,” he told us. “It’s the worst. It sucks to be on a successful show that has an audience, that’s really fun to work on, that has 10 completed scripts ready to go, and then just have all this crap happen and have someone in charge say, ‘Sorry, we’re not going to finish it.’”

Scott added, “It’s one of the worst tastes in my mouth in terms of a job, but we have two wonderful seasons that I’m really proud of, so look on the bright side, right?”

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