Trashy mum slammed for putting stripper pole in toddlers bedroom

A mother has been slammed online after she installed pole dancing equipment in her child’s room.

On Reddit, a video of the mum practicing on the pole was shared, but quickly came under fire for dancing while the pole was erected in what looked like a child's bed room with a cot in the background.

In the clip, the woman could be seen spinning down the pole in a pair of athletic black shorts and a sports bra.

She wrapped her legs around the pole and bent backwards, slowly reaching a hand out towards the ground.

Unfortunately, at that moment, a toddler pushed past her on their toy tricycle and is promptly knocked off the bike.

The oblivious mum continues to spin around on the pole while the toddler starts to cry – and viewers were fuming.

Commenting in the thread, one wrote: “Not sure what's worst, a pole in the same room where a child plays or the fact that she kept spinning after hitting the child.”

While another added: “I'm all for pole dancing and fitness, but why is it in the baby room? And why the hell didn't she stop, when she hit the child?”

And, a third wrote: “I appreciate the talent but man, her child is crying because she got knocked over and she didn't even flinch.”

Pole dancing can be an excellent work out that has achieved more mainstream popularity at gyms in recent years for being a great core-strength work out.

Plenty of gyms around the UK now offer pole dancing classes, but we wouldn't advise practicing where there are other people who may be harmed by your tricks.

The video was shared in the r/trashy sub-Reddit where 2.7million members rip apart “all things fake, plastic and downright trashy."

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