Tricky optical illusion leaves viewers baffled as it makes brain catch fire

A new tricky optical illusion has left the internet totally stumped.

The illusion, which was created by Japanese Jagarikin, shows colourful rotating circles and arrows.

In the moving image, there's two circles with two, then four small arrows inside which all change colour and appear to rotate.

But the thing with the illusion is that it's leaving many Twitter users very confused as no one can figure it out.

Since it was posted, the puzzle racked up over 195,000 likes and 57,000 retweets with one saying it made their "brain catch fire".

And the image was also posted on Reddit too.

One said: "The edges of the circles are not moving. Only the colours inside the circles are moving."

Meanwhile a Twitter user tried to understand it by saying the certain lighting and colours are used to make it look like it's moving.

A user wrote: "I think it has to do with two factors: the first which the lights are added specifically in the lower corners of the figures.

"The second factor is the way they blink to highlight the first factor. Do this: Cover the circle with your hand and just focus one of."

Looking for more tricky optical illusions?

Previously, two puzzles confused the internet as people thought they were videos.

The viral pictures show a large ball shape appearing to shake, but it's not a video or GIF, it's a still image.

Moving your head from side-to-side or scrolling the web page up and down can deceive someone into thinking it's shaking.

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