Trolls tell me I look better with boob implants – but I love my new look

A woman who was told that she looks better with boob implants has opted to remove them – and has confessed she likes herself more without them.

Gerid Rux is an influencer and bikini brand owner who is not shy about posting sizzling hot swimwear snaps.

Her combined one million TikTok and Instagram followers would often swoon over her small frame and cosmetically-enhanced chest.

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But, recently Gerid has made the decision to go back under the knife to get her breast implants removed.

Although she was told that people like her ‘better’ with a bustier chest – the Austrian beauty has admitted the she prefers herself implant free.

In a TikTok clip that 2.8 million views, Gerid shared her transformation as she donned the same white halter neck mini dress before and after the operation to reverse the enhancement.

The gorgeous influencer first posed by a rooftop pool with her visibly large bosom poking out the top of the attire

“I liked you better with your implants”, Gerid wrote as she referred to what others have said.

Not caring about the opinions of others, the influencer shared: “Too bad, I like me better without them.”

Gerid appeared more natural without her boob implants and also opted for a more subtle makeup look.

She expressed in the caption: “Same dress, different me.”

“I just wanted a more natural look again! I didn’t feel like the implants fit my body type anymore” Gerid explained her reasoning behind the decision.

And, it seems that many people agree with Gerid.

One person commented: “Without them so much better. Model vibes.”

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Another user added: “You look waaayyy better.”

While a third person voiced: “maturing is realising you’re perfect just how you are.”

Someone else praised: “From Insta model to supermodel.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person remarked: “Way more classy.”


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