Wetherspoons Empire State Burger has nearly same calories as full daily intake

Everyone loves a cheeky meal out every now and again.

However, if you're watching your weight, you may want to avoid one particular meal at Wetherspoons.

That's because the monster meal has nearly as many calories as your full daily intake.

The pub chain's Empire State Burger is made up two chunky beef patties, American-style cheese, maple-cured bacon, as well as six onion rings and a portion of chips.

The dish will set you back just £9.55 or £10.85 with an alcoholic drink (prices may vary depending on the pub).

And although it won't harm your bank balance, the food may do some damage to your waistline as it contains a whopping 1,949 calories.

The recommended daily allowance is 2,000kcal for women and 2,500kcal for men, so that is a hefty chunk out of that.

And that's not the only meal at the chain that is rather calorific.

Wetherspoons' large breakfast, which includes two fried eggs, bacon, two sausages, baked beans, three hash browns, mushroom, tomato and two slices of toast is also a substantial 1,420 calories.

Meanwhile, its large vegetarian breakfast, which swaps normal sausages for Quorn sausages, is also 1,357 calories.

Most of the chain's pizza's are also more than 1,000 calories each, as are the burgers – apart from its skinny chicken burger, which is 453 calories.

Its desserts also may make you pile on the pounds, with its warm chocolate fudge cake and ice cream a robust 897 calories, while its American -style pancakes with ice cream are 715 calories.

As well as counting calories, many Wetherspoons fans have taken to counting the number of chips they get at each of the branches to suss out where is best to go.

Some punters have even taken to measuring the chips as they bring along a take measure with them.

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