What is the Cadbury Creme Egg filling REALLY made of?

‘Life isn’t the same anymore!’ People are shocked to learn what REALLY goes into the filling of Cadbury Creme Eggs

  • British people on Twitter have expressed their surprise at the filling of the treat 
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Cadbury Creme Eggs make an appearance every Easter, with many people getting into the spirit of the holiday when they see the sweet treat on supermarket shelves.

The egg is made up of a hard milk chocolate shell covering a sweet gooey filling. 

But have you ever wondered what the Creme Egg goo is made from? 

One person who had pondered the question took to Twitter to find out and asked: ‘What’s inside a Creme Egg? Why is the cream orange and white?’

And other people were surprised to learn that the sticky filling is actually made up of fondant, which itself is made from icing sugar, and a bit of food colouring. 

The small egg is made up of a hard milk chocolate shell and when bitten into, there is a sweet gooey filling

One Twitter user responded: ‘The cream resembles an egg white and yolk! Or so I’ve heard.’ 

Cadbury says the iconic middle of the Egg is made of sugar, milk, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, invert sugar syrup, dried whey, vegetable fats and dried egg white. 

One person wrote: ‘Life isn’t the same anymore when you realise the filling inside the Cadbury Creme Egg is just icing sugar.’ 

But while this Twitter user was disappointed to learn the answer, others did not seem put off at all.


Twitter users have taken to the platform to discuss whether they love or dislike the sweet Easter treat

One user commented: ‘I would drink gallons of the Cadbury Creme Egg filling.’

Another wrote: ‘If I knew how to make the Cadbury Creme Egg filling I would eat an entire bowl of it.’

A third penned: ‘Who else finds the creamy filling in the Cadbury Creme Egg, to be both absolutely disgusting, yet somehow wonderful?’

Two thirds of the total number of Creme Eggs are consumed by UK citizens alone. 

Cadbury has claimed that more than 500million Creme Eggs are made year-round and not just at Easter time, which averages out to more than 1,369,000 each day. 

But they aren’t exactly one of your five-a-day. Each 40g egg contains 26.5g of sugar, 6.1g of fat and 3.7g of saturated fat. 

Fast food chain Subway announced this week it was releasing a limited edition Creme Egg sub, which consists of two squashed and melted Creme Eggs on their hearty Italian bread.

They are giving the treat out for free on April 7, Good Friday, at four stores across the Tottenham Court Road, central London, Central Shopping Centre, Liverpool, Llansamlet Service Station, Swansea, and Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. 


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