When copy-and-paste goes horribly wrong

Don’t forget to proof read! People share hilarious examples of copy-and-paste jobs that went horribly wrong

  • People from the US and Australia have shared hilarious copy and paste fails 
  • These examples found online show why you should always check what you send 
  • People left notes in brackets in the messages they resent to other people
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Copying and pasting can save you time, but if you don’t proof read, it can also lead to complete fails – with hilarious results. 

These images found by people from the US, Canada and Australia and collated by the trivia website Bored Panda show why you should always read over the messages you send, especially if you’ve copied them from somewhere else. 

One person sent an old copied and pasted pick up line to a new match on Tinder, but forgot to change the names. 

Meanwhile, a scammer trying to recruit people for a multilevel marketing endeavour sent a message that read ‘insert name here’ to a potential catch. 

The Ottawa Public Health body was left red faced after publishing a tweet congratulating a sports team without updating it with the correct information first 

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One person sent an old copied and pasted pick up line to a new match on Tinder, but forgot to change the names

A multilevel marketing recruiter in the US was not fazed after the person they contacted pointed out to them they forgot to change their pasted message to be more personal 

In the US, one person was left in stitches after an organisation emailed them about an event, but forgot to update their details 

In Saratoga Springs, in the state of New York, the local Walmart published an awkward message saying it appreciated their Walmart associates without editing their names in first 

Readers were amused after a journal copied an online article into their print edition and didn’t take out a mention about clicking a link

One US student was shocked to see that the person who wrote their textbook copied directly from a National Geographic article, and forgot to take out a mention of the magazine’s merchandise 

One person in the US selling make up via Facebook Messenger forgot to take out the guidelines that had come with the template message she was meant to send

One person dabbling in multilevel marketing also forgot to delete a chunk of guidance their recruiter had left at the bottom of a type message 

One US college professor was left ‘screaming’ after accidentally sending a link to an adult a website to their whole class 

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The irony! One multilevel marketing recruiter tried to make their message more personal but left ‘characteristic’ in brackets in the message 

A learning platform for children in Australia forgot to edit an inappropriate reference to heroin in their definition of the word ‘thunder’ 

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