Woman befriends mum of boyfriends other lover to catch him cheating

Getting cheated on by someone is never nice.

But, some people find solace in the revenge they plot after – from clothes piled into black bin bags left in the rain or, the more extreme, 'taking a crap' on their cereal like this one pop star did.

However, for Michelle her vengeance needed a little more patience and calculation.

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In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 7.8 million views, the brunette beauty exposed her commitment to getting back at her unfaithful boyfriend.

"Thinking about the time he cheated so I found the girl he cheated with mom on Facebook and joined her book club", she explained.

Although Michelle befriended the mum under the guise of her love of reading, this was not the reason she wanted to discuss the pages of fiction.

She continued: "So I was at her house when she brought him over."

While at the book club that was hosted by the 'other' woman's mum, Michelle would be there as her boyfriend and the mistress were at the house.

"Lost a man gained some book recs", Michelle quipped in the caption.

Stunned at the dedication to her 'smart' plan, many people fled to the comments to praise Michelle for her resourcefulness.

One person commented: "Crazy? I think you mean resourceful/cunning/incredibly smart."

Another user questioned: "How did her mother react though?

"The biggest scandal that book club ever had."

While a third voiced: "That is a level of skill I aspire to!"

Someone else praised: "You are a legend."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "This is queen energy!

"The commitment, the patience. I hope he did NOT keep his cool."

Since the clip had gone viral, Michelle shared that she had been inspired by her own life to write a book on the ordeal.

"I will be turning this into a book", she revealed.

"Thank you for the encouragement and make sure to follow for updates!"


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